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2004Newborn screening for lysosomal storage disorders: Clinical evaluation of a two-tier strategyMeikle, P.; Ranieri, E.; Simonsen, H.; Rozaklis, T.; Ramsay, S.; Whitfield, P.; Fuller, M.; Christensen, E.; Skovby, F.; Hopwood, J.
2019Variability of outcome measures in trials of intravenous therapy in acute severe paediatric asthma: a systematic reviewGray, C.; Powell, C.; Babl, F.; Dalziel, S.; Craig, S.
2019Norbornene probes for the detection of cysteine sulfenic acid in cellsAlcock, L.J.; Oliveira, B.L.; Deery, M.J.; Pukala, T.L.; Perkins, M.V.; Bernardes, G.J.; Chalker, J.M.
2016Reversal of established bone pathology in MPS VII mice following lentiviral-mediated gene therapyDerrick-Roberts, A.; Panir, K.; Pyragius, C.; Zarrinkalam, K.; Atkins, G.; Byers, S.
2016Immunomodulatory properties of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal cellsNg, J.; Hynes, K.; White, G.; Sivanathan, K.; Vandyke, K.; Bartold, P.; Gronthos, S.
2017Equivariant bundle gerbesMurray, M.; Roberts, D.; Stevenson, D.; Vozzo, R.
2011Additive and subtractive resilience strategies as enablers of biographical reinvention: A qualitative study of ex-smokers and never-smokersWard, P.; Muller, R.; Tsourtos, G.; Hersh, D.; Lawn, S.; Winefield, A.; Coveney, J.
2014Aminoglycoside-induced premature stop codon read-through of mucopolysaccharidosis type I patient Q70X and W402X mutations in cultured cellsKamei, M.; Kasperski, K.; Fuller, M.; Parkinson-Lawrence, E.; Karageorgos, L.; Belakhov, V.; Baasov, T.; Hopwood, J.; Brooks, D.
2016Effect of acute exercise-induced fatigue on maximal rate of heart rate increase during submaximal cyclingThomson, R.; Rogers, D.; Howe, P.; Buckley, J.
2017Azobenzene-containing photoswitchable proteasome inhibitors with selective activity and cellular toxicityBlanco, B.; Palasis, K.; Adwal, A.; Callen, D.; Abell, A.