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2020Gender differences in mortality and quality of life after septic shock: a post-hoc analysis of the ARISE studyLuethi, N.; Bailey, M.; Higgins, A.; Howe, B.; Peake, S.; Delaney, A.; Bellomo, R.
2016MRI rectal cancer in Australia and New Zealand: an audit from the PETACC-6 trialGormly, K.; Coscia, C.; Wells, T.; Tebbutt, N.; Harvey, J.; Wilson, K.; Schmoll, H.; Price, T.
2013Variable effects on lipid transporting and non-lipid transporting functions of HDL in young patients with chronic inflammatory arthritisMani, P.; Uno, K.; Duong, M.; Wolski, K.; Spalding, S.; Husni, E.; Nicholls, S.; American Heart Association 2013 Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium (16 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013 : Dallas, TX)
2011The role of magnesium in CNS injuryCook, N.; Corrigan, F.; Van Den Heuvel, C.
2012A Substance P Antagonist Improves Outcome in Female Sprague Dawley Rats Following Diffuse Traumatic Brain InjuryCorrigan, F.; Leonard, A.; Ghabriel, M.; Van Den Heuvel, C.; Vink, R.
2014Increase in DNA vaccine efficacy by virosome delivery and co-expression of a cytolytic proteinGargett, T.; Grubor-Bauk, B.; Miller, D.; Garrod, T.; Yu, S.; Wesselingh, S.; Suhrbier, A.; Gowans, E.
1998Computers in medical education 2. Use of a computer package to supplement the clinical experience in a surgical clerkship: an objective evaluationDevitt, P.; Cehic, D.; Palmer, E.
2015BRAF and MEK inhibition variably affect GD2-specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell function in vitroGargett, T.; Fraser, C.; Dotti, G.; Yvon, E.; Brown, M.
2013Serious statin-associated myotoxicity and rhabdomyolysis in aboriginal and torres strait islanders: A case seriesGabb, G.; Vitry, A.; Limaye, V.; Alhami, G.
2019Transient lentiviral vector production using a packed-bed bioreactor systemMcCarron, A.; Donnelley, M.; McIntyre, C.; Parsons, D.