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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Novel uperin peptides from the dorsal glands of the Australian flood-plain toadlet Uperoleia inundataBradford, A.; Raftery, M.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.; Adams, G.; Severini, C.
1996IGF analogues: their development and useBallard, F.; Wallace, J.; Francis, G.; Tomas, F.; Read, L.
1995Characterisation of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)Carr, J.; Owens, J.; Baudinette, R.; Wallace, J.
1999Peptides from the skin glands of the Australian buzzing tree frog Litoria electrica. Comparison with the skin peptides of the red tree frog Litoria rubellaWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1997Assignment of the pyruvate carboxylase gene to rat chromosome band 1q43 by in situ hybridizationWebb, G.; Jitrapakdee, S.; Bottema, C.; Wallace, J.
1999Aquatic sex pheromone from a male tree frogWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.; Smith, B.
1999The citropin peptides from the skin glands of the Australian Blue Mountains tree frog Litoria citropa. Part 2: sequence determination using electrospray mass spectrometryWabnitz, P.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1995Polymorphism of the yeast pyruvate carboxylase 2 gene and protein: Effects on biotinylationVal, D.; Chapman-Smith, A.; Walker, M.; Cronan, J.; Wallace, J.
1996The structures of the frenatin peptides from the skin secretion of the giant tree frog litoria infrenataRaferty, M.; Waugh, R.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1996Identification of Novel Alternatively Spliced Pyruvate Carboxylase mRNAs with Divergent 5' -Untranslated Regions Which Are Expressed in a Tissue-Specific MannerJitrapakdee, S.; Walker, M.; Wallace, J.