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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996IGF AnaloguesBallard, F.; Wallace, J.; Francis, G.; Tomas, F.; Read, L.
1995Solution structure of insulin-like growth factor-II. Relationship to receptor and binding protein interactionsTorres, A.; Forbes, B.; Aplin, S.; Wallace, J.; Francis, G.; Norton, R.
1998New antibiotic caerin 1 peptides from the skin secretion of the Australian tree frog Litoria chloris. Comparison of the activities of the caerin 1 peptides from the genus Litoria.Steinborner, S.; Currie, G.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1996The structure of new peptides from the Australian red tree frog 'Litoria rubella'. The skin peptide profile as a probe for the study of evolutionary trends of amphibiansBowie, J.; Steinborner, S.; Wabnitz, P.; Waugh, R.; Gao, C.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1998The peptide chemical arsenals of Australian tree frogs of the genus LitoriaBowie, J.; Chia, C.; Tyler, M.; Carver, J.; Wallace, J.
1996New antibiotic uperin peptides from the dorsal glands of the Australian toadlet Uperoleia mjobergiiBowie, J.; Bradford, A.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1998First record of host defence peptides in tadpoles. The magnificent tree frog Litoria splendidaWabnitz, P.; Walters, H.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.; Bowie, J.
1997The Maculatin Peptides from Litoria genimaculataRozek, T.; Waugh, R.; Steinborner, S.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
1997An Unusual Combination of Peptides from the Skin Glands of Litoria ewingiSteinborner, S.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1996Peptides from the dorsal glands of the giant tree frog Litoria infrafrenataBowie, J.; Raftery, M.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.