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1996Prospective double blind randomised trial of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication with division and without division of short gastric vesselsWatson, D.; Pike, G.; Mathew, G.; Baigrie, R.; Devitt, P.; Britten-Jones, R.
1996Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication: Outcome of 286 proceduresWatson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Britten-Jones, R.
1995Bilateral thoracoscopic division of splanchnic nerves for intractable abdominal painWatson, D.; Jamieson, G.
1995Stenosis of the esophageal hiatus following laparoscopic fundoplication.Watson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Mitchell, P.; Devitt, P.; Britten-Jones, R.
1997Illness behaviour influences the outcome of laparoscopic antireflux surgeryWatson, D.; Chan, A.; Myers, J.; Jamieson, G.
1996Synchronous combined oesophagectomy in the 'French' positionBaigrie, R.; Watson, D.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.
1996Laparoscopic surgery for gastro-oesophageal reflux: Beyond the learning curveWatson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Baigrie, R.; Mathew, G.; Game, P.; Devitt, P.; Britten-Jones, R.
1996Changes in fibrinogen levels in patients undergoing open and laparoscopic Nissen fundoplicationPike, G.; Bessell, J.; Mathew, G.; Watson, D.; Mitchell, P.; Jamieson, G.
1995Changing strategies in the performance of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication as a result of experience with 230 operations.Watson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Mathew, G.; Britten-Jones, R.; Game, P.; Williams, R.
1995Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication; results of 190 procedures. (Abstract)Watson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Britten-Jones, R.; Game, P.; Williams, R.