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1993Market city development : Paddy's Market : archaeological excavation. Volume 4. Specialist reportsCarney, M.; Rossi, M.; Wilson, G.; Thorp, W.; Lowe, A.; Lindbergh, J.; Steele, D.; Sparks, R.; O'Hea, M.; McPhail, M.; Lawrie, R.; Rockvale Pty Ltd
1993Genetic evidence for extra-pair fertilisations in socially monogamous Short-tailed Shearwaters, Puffinus tenuirostris (Procellariiformes: Procellariidae), using DNA fingerprintingAustin, J.; Carter, R.; Parkin, D.
1993Troglobitic millipedes (Diplopoda: Paradoxosomatidae) from semi-arid Cape Range, Western Australia: systematics and biologyHumphreys, W.F.; Shear, W.A.
1993Development of Sturt's Desert Pea for flowering-pot and cut-flower production: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation Report: Project # BGA-IAJusaitis, M.; Schmerl, C.
1993Conservation studies on four endangered plants from Kangaroo Island, South Australia : final report, ANPWS Endangered Species Program Project #ESP-17Jusaitis, M.
1993Pipe network optimisation using genetic algorithmsSimpson, A.; Murphy, L.; Dandy, G.; Specialty Conference of Water Resources Planning and Management Division (1993 : Seattle, Washington, USA)
1993Regional integration and the global trading systemAnderson, K.; Blackhurst, R.
1993Encoding new concepts in old languages: a case study of Kaurna, the language of the Adelaide plainsAmery, R.
1993An Australian koine: Dhuwaya, a variety of Yolŋu Matha spoken at Yirrkala in North East ArnhemlandAmery, R.
1993Safety and efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides in container-grown Australian plantsJusaitis, M.