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1995The correspondence between product form batch movement queueing networks and single movement networksColeman, J. L.; Henderson, W.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Taylor, Peter G.
1995A geometric product-form distribution for a queueing network with nonstandard batch arrivals and batch transfersMiyazawa, M.; Taylor, Peter G.
1995Solving the shape-from-shading problem on the CM-5Brooks, M.; Chojnacki, W.; van den Hengel, A.; Computer Architectures for Machine Perception (CAMP '95) (18 Sep 1995 - 20 Sep 1995 : Como, Italy)
1995On Jessen's and related inequalities for isotonic sublinear functionalsPearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip; Dragomir, Sever S.
1995Insensitivity in discrete-time generalized semi-Markov processes allowing multiple events and probabilistic service schedulingPearce, Charles E. M.; Henderson, W.; Taylor, Peter G.; van Dijk, N. M.
1995On an extension of Holder's inequalityPearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
1995Some generalizations of the Beckenbach-Dresher inequalityPearce, Charles E. M.; Guljas, B.; Pecaric, Josip
1995Tight bounds for the sensitivity of generalised semi-markov processes with a single generally distributed lifetimeCoyle, A. J.; Taylor, Peter G.
1995A family profile of heart disease risk markers and their relation to mother's education, father's occupation, and family history of heart diseaseMazumdar, J.; Boulton, T. J. C.; Cockington, Richard A.; Craig, I. H.; Logan, M.; Magarey, A. M.
1995The temporal stability of a developing jet: A model problemStott, Jillian A. K.; Denier, James Patrick