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1999Magnetic monopoles, electric neutrality and the static Maxwell-Dirac equationsRadford, Chris; Booth, Hilary
1999Blood transfusion from the recipient's perspectiveFitzgerald, Mary; Hodgkinson, B.; Thorp, D.
1999Hyperbaric oxygen in the prevention of osteoradionecrosis of the jawsVudiniabola, A.; Pirone, C.; Williamson, J.; Goss, Alastair Norman
1999Towards safer blood transfusion practiceHodgkinson, B.; Fitzgerald, Mary; Borbasi, Sally Ann; Walsh, Kenneth
1999Kaurna Paltinna: a Kaurna song bookSchultz, C.; Varcoe, N.; Amery, R.
1999Idylles Prussiennes; Trente-six ballades joyeuses rondels / textes établis, notices, variantes et notes par Phillipe André ; Roses de Noël / textes établi notices, variantes et notes par Rosemary LloydBanville, T.; Andre, P.; Noel, R.; Lloyd, R.
1999Vietnam’s transforming economy & WTO accession : implications for agricultural and rural developmentAnderson, K.
1999Optimal control of pumping at a water filtration plant using genetic algorithmsSimpson, A.; Sutton, D.; Keane, D.; Sherriff, S.; International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry (1999 : Exeter, UK)
1999Point processes competing for runs: a new tool for their investigationNeuts, Marcel; Li, Jian-min
1999Optimizing operational set points for complex distribution systems using genetic algorithmsMurphy, L.; Jacobsen, L.; Simpson, A.; Frey, J.; American Water Works Association National Conference (1999 : Chicago, Illinois, USA)