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1998Syntheses of Angucyclinones Related to Ochromycinone. II. Regio-and Stereo-selective Reduction of a TetrahydroangucyclinoneRozek, T.; Tiekink, E.; Taylor, D.; Bowie, J.
1996The mechanism of methanol loss from the (M-H)⁻ ions of cis- and trans-4-methoxycyclohexanol. The application of experiment and theory in concertBowie, J.; Dua, S.; Raftery, M.; Buntine, M.; Eichinger, P.
1999Characterization of [M-H] cations, radicals and anions of glycine in the gas phase: A combined experimental and Ab initio studyO'Hair, R.; Blanksby, S.; Styles, M.; Bowie, J.
1997Mobility of Anions within Anion-neutral ComplexesDua, S.; Bowie, J.
1995A potential surface map of the H-/N₂O system. The gas phase ion chemistry of HN₂O-Sheldon, J.; O'Hair, R.; Downard, K.; Gronert, S.; Krempp, M.; Depuy, C.; Bowie, J.
1997Collision Induced Mass Spectra of (M-H)- Ions Derived from Amphibian PeptidesSteinborner, S.; Bowie, J.
1997Structure Determination of New Cairin Peptides from Litona Xanthomera. Part 2. Mass SpectrometrySteinborner, S.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
1996Peptides from the dorsal glands of the giant tree frog Litoria infrafrenataBowie, J.; Raftery, M.; Tyler, M.; Wallace, J.
1998Unusual collision-induced fragmentations of deprotonated methoxybenzyl formates in the gas phase. 1,2-Wittig rearrangements, cross-ring nucleophilic substitution and ortho effectsTaylor, M.; Dua, S.; Bowie, J.
1997The Solution Structure Activity of Caetin 1.1Wong, H.; Bowie, J.; Carver, J.