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1997Effect of fundoplication on transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxation and gas refluxJohnsson, F.; Holloway, R.; Ireland, A.; Jamieson, G.; Dent, J.
1997The effect of laparoscopy on the movement of tumor cells and metastasis to surgical woundsMathew, G.; Watson, D.; Ellis, T.; De Young, N.; Rofe, A.; Jamieson, G.
1997Comparison of anterior, posterior and total fundoplication using a viscera modelWatson, D.; Mathew, G.; Pike, G.; Jamieson, G.
1997A combined modality approach to the management of oesophageal cancerSmithers, B.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.; Bessell, J.; Gotley, D.; Gill, P.; Neely, M.; Joseph, D.; Yeoh, E.; Burmeister, B.; Denham, J.
1997Preoperative endoscopic grading of esophagitis versus outcome after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplicationWatson, D.; Foreman, D.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.
1997Spontaneous and iatrogenic perforations of the oesophagusJamieson, G.
1997Vascular perils during laparoscopic dissection of the oesophaeal hiatusBaigrie, R.; Watson, D.; Game, P.; Jamieson, G.
1997Adverse impact of pneumoperitoneum on intraperitoneal implantation and growth of tumour cell suspension in an experimental modelMathew, G.; Watson, D.; Rofe, A.; Ellis, T.; Jamieson, G.
1997Invited commentary: Heller myotomy is superior to dilatation for the treatment of early achalasiaJamieson, G.
1997Outcome of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication in patients with disordered preoperative peristalsisBaigrie, R.; Watson, D.; Myers, J.; Jamieson, G.