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1997Short period fluctuations of the diurnal tide observed with low-altitude MF and meteor radars during CADRE: Evidence for gravity-wave/tidal interationsNakamura, T.; Fritts, D.; Isler, J.; Reid, I.; Tsuda, T.; Vincent, R.
1997A minimal coherence time for the solar tides in the middle atmosphereHarris, T.; Vincent, R.
1997Gravity-wave parameters in the lower stratosphereVincent, R.; Allen, S.; Eckermann, D.
1997Trends in airglow imager observations near Adelaide, AustraliaHecht, J.; Walterscheid, R.; Woithe, J.; Campbell, L.; Vincent, R.; Reid, I.
1997Equatorial dynamics observed by rocket, radar and satellite during the CADRE/MALTED campaign, 2: Mean and wave structures, coherence, and variabilityFritts, D.; Garten, J.; Riggin, D.; Goldberg, R.; Lehmacher, G.; Schmidlin, F.; McCarthy, S.; Kudeki, E.; Fawcett, C.; Hitchman, M.; Lieberman, R.; Reid, I.; Vincent, R.
1997Diurnal migrating tide as seen by high-resolution Doppler imager/UARS: 1. Monthly mean global meridional windsKhattatov, B.; Yubin, V.; Geller, M.; Hays, P.; Vincent, R.
1997An intercomparison between GSWM, UARS and ground-based radar observations: A case study in January 1993Palo, S.; Hagan, M.; Meek, C.; Vincent, R.; Burrage, M.; McLandress, C.; Franke, S.; Ward, W.; Clark, R.; Hofman, P.; Johnson, R.; Kuerschner, D.; Manson, A.; Murphy, D.; Nakamura, T.; Portnyagin, Y.; Salah, J.; Schminder, R.; Singer, W.; Tsuda, T.; et al.
1997Intraseasonal wind variability in the equatorial mesosphere and lower thermosphere: Long term observations for the central PacificEckermann, S.; Rajopadhyaya, D.; Vincent, R.
1997Radar observations of a 3-day Kelvin wave in the equatorial mesosphereRiggin, D.; Fritts, D.; Tsuda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Vincent, R.
1997Quasi 2-day oscillation of the ionosphere during summer 1992Forbes, J.; Guffee, R.; Zhang, X.; Fritts, D.; Riggin, D.; Manson, A.; Meek, C.; Vincent, R.