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200210-minute consultation - Gastro-oesophageal reflux diseaseJankowski, J.; Jones, R.; Delaney, B.; Dent, J.
200630th anniversary commentary on MacGuire J.M. (1990) - Putting nursing research findings into practice: research utilization as an aspect of the management of a change. Journal of Advanced Nursing 15, 614-620Pearson, A.
2017A bibliographic exploration of nursing's scope of practiceBenton, D.; Cusack, L.; Jabbour, R.; Penney, C.
2011A brief structured education programme enhances self-care practices and improves glycaemic control in Malaysians with poorly controlled diabetesTan, M.; Magarey, J.; Chee, S.; Lee, L.; Tan, M.
2006A cochrane review of superficial heat or cold for low back painFrench, S.; Cameron, M.; Walker, B.; Reggars, J.; Esterman, A.
2012A collaborative project to improve identification and management of patients with chronic kidney disease in a primary care setting in Greater ManchesterHumphreys, J.; Harvey, G.; Coleiro, M.; Butler, B.; Barclay, A.; Gwozdziewicz, M.; O'Donoghue, D.; Hegarty, J.
2010A comparative analysis of three online appraisal instruments' ability to assess validity in qualitative ResearchHannes, K.; Lockwood, C.; Pearson, A.
2015A comparison of fentanyl with pethidine for pain relief during childbirth: a randomised controlled trialFleet, J.; Belan, I.; Jones, M.; Ullah, S.; Cyna, A.
2015A comparison of inpatient with outpatient balloon catheter cervical ripening: a pilot randomized controlled trialWilkinson, C.; Adelson, P.; Turnbull, D.
2004A comprehensive systematic review of evidence on developing and sustaining nursing leadership that fosters a healthy work environment in health carePearson, A.; Laschinger, H.; Porritt, K.; Jordan, Z.; Tucker, D.; Long, L.
2006A comprehensive systematic review of evidence on the effectiveness and appropriateness of undergraduate nursing curriculaJayasekara Gangoda Arachchilag, R.; Schultz, T.; McCutcheon, H.
2006A comprehensive systematic review of evidence on the structure, process, characteristics and composition of a nursing team that fosters a healthy work environmentPearson, A.; Porritt, K.; Vincent, L.; Craig, D.; Tucker, D.; Long, L.; Henstridge, V.
2012A conversation about practice development and knowledge translation as mechanisms to align the academic and clinical contexts for the advancement of nursing practiceWalsh, K.; Kitson, A.; Cross, W.; Thoms, D.; Thornton, A.; Moss, C.; Campbell, S.; Graham, I.
2012A data quality control program for computer-assisted personal interviewsSquires, J.E.; Hutchinson, A.M.; Bostrom, A.-M.; Deis, K.; Norton, P.G.; Cummings, G.G.; Estabrooks, C.A.
2022A Delphi study to identify content for a new questionnaire based on the 10 Principles of Dignity in CareHeuzenroeder, L.; Ibrahim, F.; Khadka, J.; Woodman, R.; Kitson, A.
2013A descriptive analysis of oral health systematic reviews published 1991-2012: cross sectional studySaltaji, H.; Cummings, G.; Armijo-Olivo, S.; Major, M.; Amin, M.; Major, P.; Hartling, L.; Flores-Mir, C.; Glanzel, W.
2017A developmental evaluation to enhance stakeholder engagement in a wide-scale interactive project disseminating quality improvement data: study protocol for a mixed-methods studyLaycock, A.; Bailie, J.; Matthews, V.; Cunningham, F.; Harvey, G.; Percival, N.; Bailie, R.
2015A facilitation project to improve the management of continence in European nursing homesHarvey, G.; Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Kitson, A.
2012A functional variant in ANGPT1 and the risk of pregnancies with hypertensive disorders and small-for-gestational age infantsAndraweera, P.; Dekker, G.; North, R.; Thompson, S.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.
2001A global view of nursing in the new millennium - 2: the nursing workforcePearson, A.; Peels, S.