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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Could do better? Knowledge, learning and performance improvement in public servicesWalshe, K.; Harvey, G.; Skelcher, C.; Jas, P.; Manchester Business School
2014Rethinking capacity building for knowledge mobilisation: developing multilevel capabilities in healthcare organisationsKislov, R.; Waterman, H.; Harvey, G.; Boaden, R.
2018What integrated care means from an older person’s perspective? A scoping review protocolMittinty, M.M.; Marshall, A.; Harvey, G.
2015Moving beyond local practice: reconfiguring the adoption of a breast cancer diagnostic technologyManiatopoulos, G.; Procter, R.; Llewellyn, S.; Harvey, G.; Boyd, A.
2013Ethical theories and values in priority setting: a case study of the Iranian health systemKhayatzadeh-Mahani, A.; Fotaki, M.; Harvey, G.
2010Enabling context with policyHarvey, G.; Kent, B.; McCormack, B.
2015Facilitating large-scale implementation of evidence based health care: insider accounts from a co-operative inquiryWaterman, H.; Boaden, R.; Burey, L.; Howells, B.; Harvey, G.; Humphreys, J.; Rothwell, K.; Spence, M.
2016PARIHS revisited: from heuristic to integrated framework for the successful implementation of knowledge into practiceHarvey, G.; Kitson, A.
2006Medical work, medical knowledge and health care by Ellen Annandale, Mary Ann Elston and Lindsay Prior (eds). Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford (2005)Harvey, G.
1995British Council "Quality Improvement in Nursing" SeminarKitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Duff, L.; Morrell, C.