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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Managing boundaries in primary care service improvement: a developmental approach to communities of practiceKislov, R.; Walshe, K.; Harvey, G.
2004An exploration of the factors that influence the implementation of evidence into practiceRycroft-Malone, J.; Harvey, G.; Seers, K.; Kitson, A.; McCormack, B.; Titchen, A.
2012FIRE (Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence): a study protocolSeers, K.; Cox, K.; Crichton, N.; Edwards, R.; Eldh, A.; Estabrooks, C.; Harvey, G.; Hawkes, C.; Kitson, A.; Linck, P.; McCarthy, G.; McCormack, B.; Mockford, C.; Rycroft-Malone, J.; Titchen, A.; Wallin, L.
1995Does clinical audit improve the quality of nursing care?Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Morrell, C.; Walshe, K.; Conference on Evaluating Clinical Audit - Past Lessons, Future Directions (27 Apr 1995 - 27 Apr 1995 : London, England)
2008Organising for quality improvement and patient safetyBoaden, R.; Harvey, G.; Sorensen, R.; Iedema, R.
2013Evidence-based innovation in practice: experiences from health care and implications for the futureHarvey, G.; Osborne, S.; Brown, L.
2015Analysing organisational context: case studies on the contribution of absorptive capacity theory to understanding inter-organisational variation in performance improvementHarvey, G.; Jas, P.; Walshe, K.
2015Exploring the hidden barriers in knowledge translationHarvey, G.; Marshall, R.; Jordan, Z.; Kitson, A.
2010Absorptive capacity: how organisations assimilate and apply knowledge to improve performanceHarvey, G.; Jas, P.; Walshe, K.; Skelcher, C.; Walshe, K.; Harvey, G.; Jas, P.
2018Achieving integrated care for older people: shuffling the deckchairs or making the system watertight for the future?Harvey, G.; Dollard, J.; Marshall, A.; Mittinty, M.M.