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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A model of facilitation for evidence-based practiceHarvey, G.; Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Kitson, A.
1995Does clinical audit improve the quality of nursing care?Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Morrell, C.; Walshe, K.; Conference on Evaluating Clinical Audit - Past Lessons, Future Directions (27 Apr 1995 - 27 Apr 1995 : London, England)
2015A facilitation project to improve the management of continence in European nursing homesHarvey, G.; Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Kitson, A.
2020The chain of codified knowledge: Organisational enactment of evidence-based health care in four high-income countriesKislov, R.; Wilson, P.; Cummings, G.; Ehrenberg, A.; Gifford, W.; Kelly, J.; Kitson, A.; Pettersson, L.; Wallin, L.; Harvey, G.; Nugus, P.; Rodriguez, C.; Denis, J.; Chenevert, D.
2018Designing and implementing two facilitation interventions within the 'Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence (FIRE)' study: a qualitative analysis from an external facilitators' perspectiveHarvey, G.; McCormack, B.; Kitson, A.; Lynch, E.; Titchen, A.
2019Mobilising evidence to improve nursing practice: A qualitative study of leadership roles and processes in four countriesHarvey, G.; Gifford, W.; Cummings, G.; Kelly, J.; Kislov, R.; Kitson, A.; Pettersson, L.; Wallin, L.; Wilson, P.; Ehrenberg, A.
2018A realist process evaluation within the Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence (FIRE) cluster randomised controlled international trial: an exemplarRycroft-Malone, J.; Seers, K.; Eldh, A.; Cox, K.; Crichton, N.; Harvey, G.; Hawkes, C.; Kitson, A.; McCormack, B.; McMullan, C.; Mockford, C.; Niessen, T.; Slater, P.; Titchen, A.; van der Zijpp, T.; Wallin, L.
2016Improving oral health for older people in the home care setting: an exploratory implementation studyLewis, A.; Kitson, A.; Harvey, G.
2016Methods to succeed in effective knowledge translation in clinical practiceKitson, A.; Harvey, G.
1995British Council "Quality Improvement in Nursing" SeminarKitson, A.; Harvey, G.; Duff, L.; Morrell, C.