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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Quality improvement: theory and practice in healthcareBoaden, R.; Harvey, G.; Moxham, C.; Proudlove, N.; NHS
2000National Guidelines for Swedish neonatal nursing care: evaluation of clinical applicationWallin, L.; Bostrom, A.M.; Harvey, G.; Wikblad, K.; Ewald, U.
2007A realist synthesis of evidence relating to practice development: findings from telephone interviews and synthesis of the dataMcCormack, B.; Wright, J.; Dewar, B.; Harvey, G.; Ballantine, K.
2001Implementing evidence-based practice in clinical situationsMcInnes, E.; Harvey, G.; Duff, L.; Fennessy, G.; Seers, K.; Clark, E.
2000The use of care pathways as tools to support the implementation of evidence-based practiceCurrie, V.; Harvey, G.
2000A review of the role of facilitators in changing professional health care practiceLoftus-Hill, A.; Harvey, G.
2004What counts as evidence in evidence-based practice?Rycroft-Malone, J.; Seers, K.; Titchen, A.; Harvey, G.; Kitson, A.; McCormack, B.
2008Evaluating the successful implementation of evidence into practice using the PARiHS framework: theoretical and practical challengesKitson, A.; Rycroft-Malone, J.; Harvey, G.; McCormack, B.; Seers, K.; Titchen, A.
2009Could do better? Knowledge, learning and performance improvement in public servicesWalshe, K.; Harvey, G.; Skelcher, C.; Jas, P.; Manchester Business School
2006Medical work, medical knowledge and health care by Ellen Annandale, Mary Ann Elston and Lindsay Prior (eds). Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford (2005)Harvey, G.