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2005Impact of waste recycling on sustainable agriculture in ThailandPongsakul, P.; Nobuntou, W.; Attajarusit, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Warne, M.; Cozens, G.; Global perspective on resource recycling for sustainable agriculture (2005 : Hokkaido, Japan)
2011Uptake of metals from soil into vegetablesMcLaughlin, M.; Smolders, E.; Degryse, F.; Rietra, R.
2007Novel chelating agent for trace element fertilizersStacey, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Cakmak, I.; Lombi, E.; Johnston, C.; Zinc Crops 2007 (2007 : Istanbul, Turkey)
2007Predicting the Risk from Cadmium Transfer to Crops from Soils Amended with BiosolidsMcLaughlin, M.; Whatmuff, M.; Warne, M.; Heemsbergen, D.; Barry, G.; Bell, M.; Nash, D.; Pritchard, D.; Penney, N.; Ozwater (05 Mar 2007 : Sydney, Australia)
2002Comparison of biological and chemical indicators to evaluate soil remediationMcGrath, S.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Brown, S.; Vagronsveld, J.; SETAC (Society). Meeting (23rd : 2002 : Salt Lake City, Utah) (16 Nov 2002 : Salt Lake City, Utah)
2002Assessment of metal availability in contaminated soils using chemical speciation (Donnan equilibrium), DGT and phytotoxicity/uptake by wheatNolan, A.; Zhang, H.; McLaughlin, M.; SETAC Europe (Society). Meeting (12th : 2002 : Vienna) (Vienna)
2001Can Anions Applied with Metals to Soil Lead to Overestimation of EC50s?Stevens, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Heinrich, T.; SETAC (Society). Meeting (22nd : 2001 : Baltimore, Maryland) (Baltimore, Maryland)
2002Assessing risk in soils with elevated heavy metal contents: is bioavailability enough?Hamon, R.; McLaughlin, M.; Bai, L.; SETAC Europe (Society). Meeting (12th : 2002 : Vienna) (Vienna)
2002Australia's National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy: from science to policy and advice to farmersMcLaughlin, M.; FOOD 21 – Sustainable Food Production Programme and Swedish Cadmium Network Cadmium Seminar (12 June 2002 : Uppsala, Sweden)
2006Natural attenuation: implications for trace metal/metalloid nutritionHamon, R.; Stacey, S.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.