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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Optimal measurement site placement for inverse transient analysis using genetic algorithmsVitkovsky, J.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Enviro 2002 (2002 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2001Ant Colony Optimization for the Design of Water Distribution SystemsMaier, H.; Simpson, A.; Foong, W.; Phang, K.; Seah, H.; Tan, C.; World Water and Environmental Resources Congress (2001 : Orlando, Florida)
2003Further investigation of parameters affecting water hammer wave attenuation, shape and timing part 2: Case studiesBergant, A.; Tijsseling, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Covas, D.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; International Meeting of the Working Group on the Behaviour of Hydraulic Machinery Under Steady Oscillatory Conditions (08 Oct 2003 : Stuttgart, Germany)
2004Transient analysis to assess valve status and topology in pipe networksStephens, M.; Vitkovsky, J.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Karney, B.; Nixon, J.; International Conference on Pressure Surges (9th : 2004 : Chester, U.K.)
2004Efficient and accurate calculation of Zielke and Vardy-Brown unsteady friction in pipe transientsVitkovsky, J.; Stephens, M.; Bergant, A.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; International Conference on Pressure Surges (9th : 2004 : Chester, U.K.)
2010Reducing the carbon footprint from water distribution systems by using a lower discount rateWu, W.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; Practical Responses to Climate Change National Conference (1st : 2010 : Melbourne, Australia)
2010Accounting for carbon: selecting the appropriate discount rate for multi-objective optimisation of water distribution systemsWu, W.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (2010 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2000Evaluation of critical transient loading for optimal design of water pipeline systemsWu, Z.; Simpson, A.; International Conference on Hydroinformatics (4th : 2000 : Iowa City, USA)
2005Behavior of short lateral dead ends on pipeline transients: A lumped parameter model and an analytical solutionWang, X.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.
2008Multi-objective genetic algorithm optimisation of water distribution systems accounting for sustainabilityWu, W.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; Water Down Under 2008 (2008 : Adelaide, South Australia)