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2003Determinants of survival for the northern brown bandicoot under a landscape-scale fire experimentPardon, L.; Brook, B.; Griffiths, A.; Braithwaite, R.
2002Critiques of PVA ask the wrong questions: throwing the heuristic baby out with the numerical bath waterBrook, B.; Burgman, M.; Akcakaya, H.; O'Grady, J.; Frankham, R.
2004Correlations among Extinction Risks Assessed by Different Systems of Threatened Species CategorizationMaster, L.; O'Grady, J.; Burgman, M.; Keith, D.; Andelman, S.; Brook, B.; Hammerson, G.; Regan, H.; Frankham, R.
2002Nest site selection of the house crow (corvus splendens) an urban invasive bird species in Singapore and implications for its managementSoh, M.; Sodhi, N.; Seoh, R.; Brook, B.
2006Threat and response: a decade of decline in a regionally endangered rainforest palm affected by fire and introduced animalsLiddle, D.; Brook, B.; Matthews, J.; Taylor, S.; Caley, P.
2008Extinction risk scales better to generations than to yearsO'Grady, J.; Reed, D.; Brook, B.; Frankham, R.
2009Biodiversity crisis in Southeast AsiaSodhi, N.; Brook, B.
2009Putative extinction of two sawfish species in Mexico and the United StatesMonte-Luna, P.; Castro-Aguirre, J.; Brook, B.; de la Cruz-Aguero, J.; Cruz-Escalone, V.
2009How will climate change affect plant-herbivore interactions? A tropical waterbird case studyTraill, L.; Whitehead, P.; Brook, B.
2003Catastrophic extinctions follow deforestation in SingaporeBrook, B.; Sodhi, N.; Ng, P.