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2000Frequency and intensity noise of an injection-locked Nd:YAG ring laserOttaway, D.; Veitch, P.; Hollitt, C.; Mudge, D.; Hamilton, M.; Munch, J.
2000Power scalable TEMₒₒ CW Nd: YAG laser with thermal lens compensationMudge, D.; Ostermeyer, M.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.; Middlemiss, B.; Ottaway, D.; Hamilton, M.
2008Observation of three-mode parametric interactions in long optical cavitiesZhao, C.; Ju, L.; Fan, Y.; Gras, S.; Slagmolen, B.; Miao, H.; Barriga, P.; Blair, D.; Hosken, D.; Brooks, A.; Veitch, P.; Mudge, D.; Munch, J.
2002Label-free bioaffinity detection using terahertz technologyMickan, S.; Menikh, A.; Liu, H.; Mannella, C.; MacColl, R.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.
2008The science benefits and preliminary design of the Southern hemisphere gravitational wave detector AIGOBlair, D.; Barriga, P.; Brooks, A.; Charlton, P.; Coward, D.; Dumas, J.; Fan, Y.; Galloway, D.; Gras, S.; Hosken, D.; Howell, E.; Hughes, S.; Ju, L.; McClelland, D.; Melatos, A.; Miao, H.; Munch, J.; Scott, S.; Slagmolen, B.; Veitch, P.; Wen, L.; Webb, J.; Wooley, A.; Van, Z.; Zhao, C.; Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (Amaldi) (08 Jul 2007 : Sydney NSW)
2002Double modulated differential THz-TDS for thin film dielectric characterizationMickan, S.; Lee, K.S.; Lu, T.M.; Munch, J.; Abbott, D.; Zhang, X.
2008Feedback control of thermal lensing in a high optical power cavityFan, Y.; Zhao, C.; Degallaix, J.; Ju, L.; Blair, D.; Slagmolen, B.; Hosken, D.; Brooks, A.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.
2002Differential oversampling data converters in SEED technologyAl-Sarawi, S.; Atanackovic, P.; Marwood, W.; Clare, B.; Corbett, K.; Grant, K.; Munch, J.
2004Low noise laser-based T-ray spectroscopy of liquids using double-modulated differential time-domain spectroscopyMickan, S.; Shvartsman, R.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.; Abbott, D.
2002Noise reduction in terahertz thin film measurements using a double modulated differential techniqueMickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.