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2003Reproductive traits of tropical rain-forest trees in New CaledoniaCarpenter, R.; Read, J.; Jaffre, T.
2003Evidence for a microbially mediated Biogeochemical cycle of gold - a literature reviewReith, F.; CRC LEME Regional Regolith Symposia 2003 (2003 : Adelaide, S. Aust. & Perth, W. Australia)
2003Undesirable aliens: factors determining the distribution of three invasive bird species in SingaporeLim, H.; Sodhi, N.; Brook, B.; Soh, M.
2003Does foraging mode influence life history traits? A comparative study of growth maturation and survival of two species of sympatric snakes from south-eastern AustraliaBrook, B.; Shine, R.; Webb, B.
2003Experience in measuring internet backbone traffic variability: Models metrics measurements and meaningRoughan, M.; Greenberg, A.; Kalmanek, C.; Rumsewicz, M.; Yates, J.; Zhang, Y.; International Teletraffic Congress (18th : 2003 : Berlin, Germany)
2003Determinants of survival for the northern brown bandicoot under a landscape-scale fire experimentPardon, L.; Brook, B.; Griffiths, A.; Braithwaite, R.
2003Conservation of human alternative splice events in mouseThanaraj, T.; Clark, F.; Muilu, J.
2003The molecular basis for the lack of immunostimulatory activity of vertebrate DNAStacey, K.; Young, G.; Clark, F.; Sester, D.; Roberts, T.; Naik, S.; Sweet, M.; Hume, D.
2003Catastrophic extinctions follow deforestation in SingaporeBrook, B.; Sodhi, N.; Ng, P.
2003The perception of minimal structures: Performance on open and closed versions of visually presented Euclidean travelling salesperson problemsVickers, Douglas; Bovet, Pierre; Lee, Michael David; Hughes, Peter Brian