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2009Naming species with no morphological indicators: species status of Galeolaria caespitosa (Annelida : Serpulidae) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequences and morphologyHalt, M.; Kupriyanova, E.; Cooper, S.; Rouse, G.
2009Characterization of 67 Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Rearrangements in the Hymenoptera Suggests That Mitochondrial tRNA Gene Position Is Selectively NeutralDowton, M.; Cameron, S.; Dowavic, J.; Austin, A.; Whiting, M.
2009A microbial pathway for the formation of gold-anomalous calcreteReith, F.; Wakelin, S.; Gregg, A.; Schmidt Mumm, A.
2009The interaction of a bluff body with a vortex wakeLeclercq, D.; Doolan, C.
2009The stoichiometry and kinetics of carbon combustion at low temperature: A surface complex approachBattye, D.; Ashman, P.
2009The thioflavin T fluorescence assay for amyloid fibril detection can be biased by the presence of exogenous compoundsHudson, S.; Ecroyd, H.; Kee, T.; Carver, J.
2009Declining water quality as a driver of changes to subtidal communities.Gorman, Daniel
2009Fur seals at Macquarie Island: post-sealing colonisation, trends in abundance and hybridisation of three speciesGoldsworthy, S.; McKenzie, J.; Page, B.; Lancaster, M.; Shaughnessy, P.; Wynen, L.; Robinson, S.; Peters, K.; Baylis, A.; McIntosh, R.
2009Towards a fossil fuel-free futureLincoln, S.
2009First record of the woodwasp family Xiphydriidae from Tasmania with a description of a new species and host recordJennings, J.; Austin, A.; Bashford, R.