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2009Using shell morphology to characterise abalone populations across multiple spatial scales.Saunders, Thor M.
2006Virtual porous carbons: what they are and what they can be used forBiggs, M.; Buts, A.
2009Phylogeny and generic concepts of the parasitoid wasp family Aulacidae (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea)Turrisi, G.; Jennings, J.; Vilhelmsen, L.
2002Periphyton and phytoplankton response to reduced dry season flows in the Daly RiverTownsend, Simon A.; Gell, Peter Andrew; Bickford, Sophia Anastasia; Tibby, John Charles; Croome, Roger; Przybylska, Malgorzata; Padovan, Armando; Metcalfe, Rodney
2002Reserve selection for nature conservation in South Australia: Past, present and futureBryan, Brett Anthony
2003Investigation of passive control devices for potential application to a launch vehicle structure to reduce the interior noise levels during launch: Final report for Stage 3AHoward, Carl Quentin; Morgans, Rick C.; Zander, Anthony Charles; Hansen, Colin Henry
2006Granular temperature distribution in a gas fluidized bed of hollow microparticles prior to onset of bubblingXie, L.; Biggs, M.; Glass, D.; Egelhaaf, S.; Petekidis, G.
2009Invertebrate Systematics - Past and FutureAustin, A.
2008Effect of pore wall model on prediction of diffusion coefficients for graphitic slit poresCai, Q.; Biggs, M.; Seaton, N.
2000Effectiveness of reserve selection in the Mt. Lofty Ranges, South Australia, and the implications for ecosystem healthBryan, Brett Anthony