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2008Toxin types, toxicokinetics and toxicodynamicsHumpage, A.; ISOC-HAB (2005 : NC, USA)
2006Status of the Australian consortium for interferometric gravitational astronomyMcClelland, D.; Scott, S.; Gray, M.; Searle, A.; Gossler, S.; Slagmolen, B.; Dickson, J.; Chow, J.; de Vine, G.; McKenzie, K.; Mow-Lowry, C.; Moylan, A.; Rabeling, D.; Sheard, B.; Cumpston, J.; Wette, K.; Blair, D.; Ju, L.; Burman, R.; Coward, D.; et al.
2004Crop rotation effect on wheat grain yield as mediated by changes in the degree of water and nitrogen co-limitationSadras, V.; Baldock, J.; Cox, J.; Bellotti, W.
2009Size matters: variation in the diet of chick and adult crested ternsMcLeay, L.; Page, B.; Goldsworthy, S.; Ward, T.; Paton, D.
2009Demographic and morphological responses to prey depletion in a crested tern (Sterna bergii) population: can fish mortality events highlight performance indicators for fisheries management?McLeay, L.; Page, B.; Goldsworthy, S.; Ward, T.; Paton, D.; Waterman, M.; Murray, M.
2009Age-related movement patterns and population structuring in southern garfish, Hyporhamphus melanochir, inferred from otolith chemistrySteer, M.; Fowler, A.; Gillanders, B.
2005Linking male and female morphology to reproductive success in captive southern calamary (Sepioteuthis australis)Van Camp, L.; Fairweather, P.; Steer, M.; Donnellan, S.; Havenhand, J.
2009Differences in abalone growth and morphology between locations with high and low food availability: morphologically fixed or plastic traits?Saunders, T.; Connell, S.; Mayfield, S.
2001Molecular discrimination of garfish Hyporhamphus (Beloniformes) larvae in southern Australian watersNoell, C.; Donnellan, S.; Foster, R.; Haigh, L.
2004A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the Capsalidae (Platyhelminthes : Monogenea : Monopisthocotylea) inferred from large subunit rDNA sequencesWhittington, I.; Deveney, M.; Morgan, J.; Chisholm, L.; Adlard, R.