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2001A revision of Benedenia Diesing, 1858 including a redescription of B. sciaenae (van Beneden, 1856) Odhner, 1905 and recognition of Menziesia Gibson, 1976 (Monogenea: CapsalidaeWhittington, I.; Deveney, M.; Wyborn, S.
2009Reproductive biology of blue mackerel, Scomber australasicus, off southern and eastern Australia: suitability of the Daily Egg Production Method for stock assessmentRogers, P.; Ward, T.; McLeay, L.; Lowry, M.; Saunders, R.; Williams, D.
2008Impact of carbon and nitrogen sources on hydrogen production by a newly isolated Clostridium butyricum W5Wang, X.; Jin, B.; Mulcahy, D.
2008Flexible inter-nesting behaviour of generalist olive ridley turtles in AustraliaHamel, M.; McMahon, C.; Bradshaw, C.
2007Multiple mating strategies explain unexpected genetic mixing of New Zealand fur seals with two congenerics in a recently recolonized populationLancaster, M.; Goldsworthy, S.; Sunnucks, P.
2006Menage a trois on Macquarie Island: hybridization among three species of fur seal (Arctocephalus spp.) following historical population extinctionLancaster, M.; Gemmell, N.; Negro, S.; Goldsworthy, S.; Sunnucks, P.
2008Where’s Waldo? practical searches for stability in iBGPFlavel, A.; Roughan, M.; Bean, N.; Shaikh, A.; ICNP 2008: IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (16th : 2008 : Orlando, Florida)
2008Discovery of a Neoproterozoic basin in the Prydz belt in East Antarctica and its implications for Gondwana assembly and ultrahigh temperature metamorphismKelsey, D.; Wade, B.; Collins, A.; Hand, M.; Sealing, C.; Netting, A.
2008A review of airfoil trailing edge noise and its predictionDoolan, C.
2008Active noise control at a moving virtual sensor in three-dimensionsMoreau, D.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.