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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Max-min ant system applied to water distribution system optimisationZecchin, A.; Maier, H.; Simpson, A.; Roberts, A.; Berrisford, M.; Leonard, M.; Post, D.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (15th : 2003 : Townsville, Queensland)
2003Further investigation of parameters affecting water hammer wave attenuation, shape and timing part 2: Case studiesBergant, A.; Tijsseling, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Covas, D.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; International Meeting of the Working Group on the Behaviour of Hydraulic Machinery Under Steady Oscillatory Conditions (11th : 2003 : Stuttgart, Germany)
2003A review of leading-edge leak detection techniques for water distribution systemsLambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Wang, X.; Lee, P.; Sanders, B.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (20th : 2003 : Perth, W.A.)
2003GA optimisation of the Loxton Irrigation DistrictSimpson, A.; Munn, M.; Doherty, P.; Gransbury, J.; McIver, D.; Sanders, B.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (20th : 2003 : Perth, W.A.)
2003The detection of pipeline blockages using transients in the fieldStephens, M.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Vitkovsky, J.; Nixon, J.; Sanders, B.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (20th : 2003 : Perth, W.A.)
2003Leak and blockage detection in pipelines via an impulse response methodVitkovsky, J.; Lee, P.; Stephens, M.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Liggett, J.; Cabrera, E.; Cabrera Jnr, E.; International Conference Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems Applied to Urban Water Management (5th : 2003 : Valencia, Spain)
2003Optimal measurement site locations for inverse transient analysis in pipe networksVitkovsky, J.; Liggett, J.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.
2003Ant colony optimization for design of water distribution systemsMaier, H.; Simpson, A.; Zecchin, A.; Foong, W.; Phang, K.; Seah, H.; Tan, C.
2003Pipeline burst detection and location using a continuous monitoring techniqueMisiunas, D.; Vitkovsky, J.; Olsson, G.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Maksimovic, C.; Memon, F.; Butler, D.; International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry (2003 : London, U.K.)
2003The Detection and Location of Leakage, Blockage and Air Pockets Using Radar-Based TechniquesVitkovsky, J.; Stephens, M.; Lee, P.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; Australian Water Association. South Australian Branch. Regional Conference (2003 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)