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2009Milk fatty acids predict the foraging locations of the New Zealand fur seal: continental shelf versus oceanic watersBaylis, Alastair Martin Mitri; Nichols, Peter D.
2009Exploring biological constraints on the glacial history of AntarcticaConvey, P.; Stevens, M.; Hodgson, D.; Smellie, J.; Hillenbrand, C.; Barnes, D.; Clarke, A.; Pugh, P.; Linse, K.; Cary, C.
2009Using shell morphology to characterise abalone populations across multiple spatial scales.Saunders, Thor M.
2009Phylogeny and generic concepts of the parasitoid wasp family Aulacidae (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea)Turrisi, G.; Jennings, J.; Vilhelmsen, L.
2009Invertebrate Systematics - Past and FutureAustin, A.
2009Temporal changes to spatially stratified waterbird communities of the Coorong, South Australia: implications for the management of heterogenous wetlandsPaton, D.; Rogers, D.; Hill, B.; Bailey, C.; Ziembicki, M.
2009Mapping the spectral and spatial characteristics of GAB mound spring wetland Vegetation: initial findings and exploration of an unsupervised PCA approachWhite, D.; Australian Society for Limnology Annual Congress (2009 : Alice Springs, Australia)
2009Systematics and biogeography of Australian rhopalosomatid wasps (Hymenoptera: Rhopalosomatidae) with a global synopsis of the enigmatic genus Olixon CameronKrogmann, L.; Austin, A.; Naumann, I.
2009Malalophus jensenae n. g., n. sp. (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) from the gills of Aetomylaeus vespertilio (Myliobatidae) off northern AustraliaChisholm, L.; Whittington, I.
2009Excited-State Intramolecular Hydrogen Atom Transfer and Solvation Dynamics of the Medicinal Pigment CurcuminAdhikary, R.; Mukherjee, P.; Kee, T.; Petrich, J.