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2007Growth and survival of two north Australian relictual tree species Allosyncarpia ternata (Myrtaceae) and Callitris intratropica (Cupressaceae)Prior, L.; Bowman, D.; Brook, B.
2007Multiscale modelling of the drivers of rainforest boundary dynamics in Kakadu National Park northern AustraliaBanfai, D.; Brook, B.; Bowman, D.
2007Land management affects grass biomass in the Eucalyptus tetrodonta savannas of monsoonal AustraliaBowman, D.; Franklin, D.; Price, O.; Brook, B.
2007Would the Australian megafauna have become extinct if humans had never colonised the continent? Comments on “A review of the evidence for a human role in the extinction of Australian megafauna and an alternative explanation” by S. Wroe and J. FieldBrook, B.; Bowman, D.; Burney, D.; Flannery, T.; Gagan, M.; Gillespie, R.; Johnson, C.; Kershaw, A.; Magee, J.; Martin, P.; Miller, G.; Peiser, B.; Roberts, R.
2006Postcards from the past: charting the landscape-scale conversion of tropical Australian savanna to closed forest during the 20th centuryBrook, B.; Bowman, D.
2008Monitoring contrasting land management in the savanna landscapes of northern AustraliaFranklin, D.; Petty, A.; Williamson, G.; Brook, B.; Bowman, D.
2006Is the Carpentarian Rock-rat Zyzomys palatalis critically endangered?Bowman, D.; McIntyre, D.; Brook, B.
2002Explaining the Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions: Models, chronologies, and assumptionsBrook, B.; Bowman, D.
2009Quantifying the drivers of larval density patterns in two tropical mosquito species to maximize control efficiencyde Little, S.; Bowman, D.; Whelan, P.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2007Low genetic diversity in the bottlenecked population of endangered non-native banteng in northern AustraliaBradshaw, C.; Isagi, Y.; Kaneko, S.; Brook, B.; Bowman, D.; Frankham, R.