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2006Natural Attenuation of Trace Element Availability in SoilsHamon, R.; McLaughlin, M.; Lombi, E.
2006Isotopic and Spectroscopic Investigations toward Understanding Differential Behavior of Fluid and Granular Micronutrient Fertilizers in SoilsHettiarachchi, G.; McLaughlin, M.; Chittleborough, D.; World Congress of Soil Science (Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, USA)
2006Growing crops with reclaimed wastewaterStevens, D.; Kelly, J.; McLaughlin, M.; Unkovich, M.
2006Density changes around phosphorus granules and fluid bands in a calcareous soilHettiarachchi, G.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Chittleborough, D.; Self, P.
2006A field investigation of solubility and food chain accumulation of biosolid-cadmium across diverse soil typesMcLaughlin, M.; Whatmuff, M.; Warne, M.; Heemsbergen, D.; Barry, G.; Bell, M.; Nash, D.; Pritchard, D.
2006Long-term aging of copper added to soilsMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Oliver, I.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Short-term natural attenuation of copper in soils: Effects of time, temperature, and soil characteristicsMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Hydrolysis of pyrophosphate in a highly calcareous soil: A solid-state phosphorus-31 NMR studyMcBeath, T.; Smernik, R.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Determination of labile Cu in soils and isotopic exchangeability of colloidal Cu complexesMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Changes in P bioavailability induced by the application of liquid and powder sources of P, N and Zn fertilizers in alkaline soilsBertrand, I.; McLaughlin, M.; Holloway, R.; Armstrong, R.; McBeath, T.