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2003Complexation of alkali metal and alkaline earth ions by anthracene based fluorophores with one and two appended monoaza coronand receptorsGeue, J.; Head, N.; Ward, A.; Lincoln, S.
2003Installation of a ratchet tooth and pawl to restrict rotation in a cyclodextrin rotaxaneOnagi, H.; Blake, C.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2003Diazacoronand linked β-cyclodextrin dimer complexes of Brilliant Yellow tetraanion and their sodium(I) analoguesWest, L.; Wyness, O.; May, B.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.
2003Effect of cyclodextrins on electrophilic aromatic bromination in aqueous solutionDumanski, P.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.; Simpson, J.
2003A cyclodextrin-based molecular reactor to template the formation of indigoid dyesHarper, J.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2003Separated and aligned molecular fibres in solid state self-assemblies of cyclodextrin [2]rotaxanesOnagi, H.; Carrozzini, B.; Cascarano, G.; Easton, C.; Edwards, A.; Lincoln, S.; Rae, A.
2003The formation of fluorescent alkaline earth complexes by 4-{2-[10-(2-morpholinoethyl)-9-anthryl]methyl}morpholine and its -ethyl}morpholine and -propyl}morpholine analogues in acetonitrileGeue, J.; Head, N.; Ward, A.; Lincoln, S.
2003Coordination and fluorescence of the intracellular Zn2+ probe [2-methyl-8-(4-toluenesulfonamido)-6-quinolyloxy]acetic acid (Zinquin A) in ternary Zn2+ complexesHendrickson, K.; Geue, J.; Wyness, O.; Lincoln, S.; Ward, A.
2003The formation of fluorescent alkali metal and alkaline earth complexes by 4-(2-{10-[2-(1,4-thiazinan-4-yl)ethyl]-9-anthryl}ethyl)thiomorpholine in acetonitrileGeue, J.; Head, N.; Ward, A.; Lincoln, S.
2003Λ-{1,4,7,10-Tetrakis­[(S)-2-hydroxy­propyl-κO]-1,4,7,10-tetra­aza­cyclo­do­decane-κ4N}cadmium(II) bis(2,4,6-tri­nitro­phenolate) aceto­nitrile solvateSmith, C.; Lincoln, S.; Taylor, M.; Wainwright, K.