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2009A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Anthropogenic Forest Disturbance on Southeast Asia's BiotasSodhi, N.; Lee, T.; Koh, L.; Brook, B.
2009How to monitor elusive lizards: comparison of capture-recapture methods on giant day geckos (Gekkonidae, Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) in the Masoala rainforest exhibit, Zurich ZooWanger, T.; Motzke, I.; Furrer, S.; Brook, B.; Gruber, B.
2009Biodiversity crisis in Southeast AsiaSodhi, N.; Brook, B.
2009Putative extinction of two sawfish species in Mexico and the United StatesMonte-Luna, P.; Castro-Aguirre, J.; Brook, B.; de la Cruz-Aguero, J.; Cruz-Escalone, V.
2009How will climate change affect plant-herbivore interactions? A tropical waterbird case studyTraill, L.; Whitehead, P.; Brook, B.
2009The looming peak coal and peak phosphate crises: disaster or opportunities for innovation?Brook, B.; Taggart, S.
2009Integrating bioclimate with population models to improve forecasts of species extinctions under climate changeBrook, B.; Akcakaya, H.; Keith, D.; Mace, G.; Pearson, R.; Araujo, M.
2009Global warming tugs at trophic interactionsBrook, B.
2009Conservation value of cacao agroforestry for amphibians and reptiles in South-East Asia: combining correlative models with follow-up field experimentsWanger, T.; Saro, A.; Iskandar, D.; Brook, B.; Sodhi, N.; Clough, Y.; Tscharntke, T.
2009Ancient DNA reveals late survival of mammoth and horse in interior AlaskaHaile, J.; Froese, D.; MacPhee, R.; Roberts, R.; Arnold, L.; Reyes, A.; Rasmussen, M.; Nielsen, R.; Brook, B.; Robinson, S.; Demuro, M.; Gilbert, T.; Munch, K.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.; Barnes, I.; Moller, P.; Willerslev, E.