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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20041st and 2nd year rural weeks – a health service and community participatory approachRyan, V.; Shannon, S.; National Undergraduate Rural Health Conference (8th : 2004 : Tanunda, South Australia)
200120th century heritage : our recent cultural legacy : proceedings of the Australia ICOMOS National Conference 2001, 28 November - 1 December 2001, Adelaide, the University of Adelaide, AustraliaJones, David Sydney; Australia ICOMOS National Conference (2001 : Adelaide, S.A.)
199720th Century Landscape Design in AdelaideJones, D.
201021st Century Tokyo: A Guide to Contemporary ArchitectureWorrall, J.; Solomon, E.
20092G 50 Sou FujimotoWorrall, J.; Sou Fujimoto, Toyo Ito, Julian Worrall,
20213D printing system for earth-based construction: Case study of cobGomaa, M.; Jabi, W.; Veliz Reyes, A.; Soebarto, V.
2019A comparative life-cycle assessment of hydro-, nuclear and wind power: a China studyWang, L.; Wang, Y.; Du, H.; Zuo, J.; Yi Man Li, R.; Zhou, Z.; Bi, F.; Garvlehn, M.P.
2021A comprehensive framework for standardising system boundary definition in life cycle energy assessmentsOmrany, H.; Soebarto, V.; Zuo, J.; Chang, R.; Berardi, U.
2018A computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of PM₁₀ dispersion caused by rail transit construction activity: a real urban street canyon modelWang, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Zuo, J.; Rameezdeen, R.
2013A conceptual framework for member selection in Global Virtual Teams (GVTs)Reza Hosseini, M.; Chileshe, N.; Zuo, J.; Baroudi, B.; 20th International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA) (25 Mar 2013 - 26 Mar 2013 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2013A conceptual meta-framework for managing multicultural global virtual teamsHosseini, M.; Zuo, J.; Chileshe, N.; Baroudi, B.
2004A context for beginning learning in an architecture school whatever your secondary school outcomesShannon, S.; Bromberek, Z.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association Conference (38th : 2004 : Launceston, Tas.)
2012A corporate social responsibility indicator system for construction enterprisesZhao, Z.; Zhao, X.; Davidson, K.; Zuo, J.
2011A critical analysis of the photovoltaic power industry in China - from diamond model to gear modelZhao, Z.; Zhang, S.; Zuo, J.
2013A critical assessment of the Higher Education for Sustainable Development from students' perspectives - A Chinese studyYuan, X.; Zuo, J.
2013A critical review of factors affecting the wind power generation industry in ChinaZhao, Z.Y.; Yan, H.; Zuo, J.; Tian, Y.X.; Zillante, G.
2000A critical review of home energy rating in AustraliaWilliamson, T.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Australia and New Zealand Architectural Science Association. Conference (34th : 2000 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2020A deep learning approach to personal thermal comfort models for an ageing populationArakawa Martins, L.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Pisaniello, D.; Ghaffarianhoseini, A.; International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) (26 Nov 2020 - 27 Nov 2020 : virtual online)
2000A Derivation Graph of Computer Models for the Design Process on the WebRadford, A.; Tan, B.; Tan, M.; Wong, Y.; Fifth Conference on Computer Aided Design Research in Asia (1 May 2000 : Singapore)
2000A FEEL FOR THE GAME: anticipating modernism in the architecture of colonial IndiaScriver, P.; Stephens, J.; Habitus 2000 (2000 : Perth, Western Australia)