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2009An investigation of potential health benefits from increasing energy efficiency stringency requirements: Building Code of Australia volumes one & twoWilliamson, T.; Grant, E.; Hansen, A.; Pisaniello, D.; Andamon, M.
2012Design issues for prisoner health: thermal conditions in Australian custodial environmentsGrant, E.; Hansen, A.; Williamson, T.
2009A comparison of accredited second generation NatHERS software toolsWilliamson, T.; Orkina, N.; Bennetts, H.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association Conference (43rd : 2009 : Launceston, Australia)
2006Investigation of a model for the ventilation of suspended floorsWilliamson, T.; Delsante, A.; Shannon, S.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association Conference (40th : 2006 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2006Building simulation and sustainable architecture: A philosophical viewWilliamson, T.; Soebarto, V.; Marshallsay, P.; International Building Performance Simulation Association. Conference (2006 : Adelaide, South Australia.)
2011Urban microclimate: designing the spaces between buildingsErell, E.; Pearlmutter, D.; Williamson, T.
2011Assessing the effectiveness for thermal mass in the building envelopWilliamson, T.; International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference (12th : 2011 : Sydney, Australia)
2000An analysis of contemporary Australian lightweight housesRadford, A.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.; Australia and New Zealand Architectural Science Association. Conference (34th : 2000 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2013The effect of internal environmental quality on occupant satisfaction in commercial office buildingsMenadue, V.; Soebarto, V.; Williamson, T.
2002What is sustainable architecture?Radford, A.; Williamson, T.; Luther, D.; Dawson, D.; Ham, J.; Moore, M.; Rollo, D.; Treloar, D.; Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association Conference (36th : 2002 : Geelong, Vic.)