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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Delimiting architecture in the construction of colonial IndiaScriver, P.; Edquist, H.; Frichot, H.; Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand Conference (21st : 2004 : Melbourne, Australia)
2002Imaginary homelands: Ghantowns and cameleers in the spatial history of colonial AustraliaScriver, P.; Samer Akkach; University of Adelaide. Centre for Asian & Middle Eastern Architecture. International Symposium (3rd : 2002 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2007Empire-building and thinking in the Public Works Department of British IndiaScriver, P.; Scriver, P.; Prakash, V.
2006Statements of Intent: Folio/05-Transitions, Final Project, Adelaide University, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban DesignScriver, P.
2006Digital outsourcing in architecture: Sifting through promises, problems and mythsDave, B.; Tombesi, P.; Gardiner, B.; Scriver, P.; Kumar, P.; INCITE/ITCSED (2006 : New Delhi, India)
2007Between materiality and representation: Framing an architectural critique of colonial South AsiaScriver, P.; Prakash, V.; Scriver, P.; Prakash, V.
2007Upstairs/downstairs: India, Australia and the changing division of labour in 'offshore' architectural production and educationScriver, P.; Tombesi, P.; Dave, B.; Gardiner, B.; Sandra Kaji O'Grady; Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia International Conference (4th : 2007 : Sydney, Australia)
2003Routine production or symbolic analysis? India and the globalisation of architectural servicesTombesi, P.; Bharat, D.; Scriver, P.
2005On the pedagogical benefits of incorporating digital media in the teaching of architectural history and theoryHaider, J.; Wyeld, T.; Scriver, P.; Anand Bhatt; Conference on Computer Aided Architecture Design Research in Asia (10th : 2005 : New Delhi, India)
2000Self, place & imagination : cross-cultural thinking in architectureAkkach, S.; Fung, S.; Scriver, P.