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dc.contributor.authorZhao, C.en
dc.contributor.authorFang, Q.en
dc.contributor.authorSusmithan, S.en
dc.contributor.authorMiao, H.en
dc.contributor.authorJu, L.en
dc.contributor.authorFan, Y.en
dc.contributor.authorBlair, D.en
dc.contributor.authorHosken, D.en
dc.contributor.authorMunch, J.en
dc.contributor.authorVeitch, P.en
dc.contributor.authorSlagmolen, B.en
dc.identifier.citationPhysical Review A, 2011; 84(6):1-6en
dc.description.abstractThree-mode optomechanical interactions have been predicted to allow the creation of very high sensitivity transducers in which very strong optical self-cooling and strong optomechanical quantum entanglement are predicted. Strong coupling is achieved by engineering a transducer in which both the pump laser and a single signal sideband frequency are resonantly enhanced. Here we demonstrate that very high sensitivity can be achieved in a very simple system consisting of a Fabry-Perot cavity with CO₂ laser thermal tuning. We demonstrate a displacement sensitivity of ∼1×10⁻¹⁷ m/√Hz, which is sufficient to observe a thermally excited acoustic mode in a 5.6 kg sapphire mirror with a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 20 dB. It is shown that a measurement sensitivity of ∼2×10⁻²⁰ m/√Hz limited by the quantum shot noise is achievable with optimization of the cavity parameters.en
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityC. Zhao, Q. Fang, S. Susmithan, H. Miao, L. Ju, Y. Fan, D. Blair, D. J. Hosken, J. Munch, P. J. Veitch and B. J. J. Slagmolenen
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Socen
dc.rights©2011 American Physical Societyen
dc.titleHigh-sensitivity three-mode optomechanical transduceren
dc.typeJournal articleen
pubs.library.collectionIPAS publicationsen
dc.identifier.orcidVeitch, P. [0000-0002-2597-435X]en
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