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1995Interactions between N-form and manganese in barley grown on two calcareous soilsTong, Y.; Rengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1995Effects of temperature on extractable Mn and distribution of Mn among soil fractionsTong, Y.; Rengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1996Genotypic variation in zinc efficiency and resistance to crown rot disease (Fusarium graminearum Schw. Group 1) in wheatGrewal, Harsharn Singh; Graham, Robin David; Rengel, Zdenko
1995Effect of pH on nitrogenase activity and mineral composition of Medicago truncatula cv Jemalong and M. polymorpha cv Serena inoculated with Rhizobium melitotiLestari, Yulin; Gibson, A. H.; Graham, Robin David
1997Effect of temperature and zinc supply on early growth of Zn-efficient and Zn-inefficient genotypes of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)Grewal, Harsharn Singh; Graham, Robin David; Stangoulis, James Constantine Roy
1998Differential response of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) cultivars to low boron supplyXue, Jianming; Lin, Minshu; Bell, Richard W.; Graham, Robin David; Yang, Xiaoe; Yang, Yuai
1996Manganese-oxidizing ability of isolates of the take-all fungus is correlated with virulencePedler, Judith F.; Webb, Michael J.; Buchhorn, S. C.; Graham, Robin David
1995Manganese seed content and take-all of cerealsMcCay-Buis, T. S.; Huber, D. M.; Graham, Robin David; Phillips, J. D.; Miskin, K. E.
1995Root morphology of wheat genotypes differing in zinc efficiencyDong, B.; Rengel, Zdenko; Graham, Robin David
1998Zinc-boron interaction effects in oilseed rapeGrewal, Harsharn Singh; Graham, Robin David; Stangoulis, J.