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1999Charaterisation of several Hsp70 interacting proteins from mammalian organellesNaylor, D. J.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1997Identification and characterization of a fruit-specific, thaumatin-like protein that accumulates at very high levels in conjunction with the onset of sugar accumulation and berry softening in grapesTattersall, David Bruce; Van Heeswijck, Robyn; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1998Evidence for the existence of distinct mammalian cytosolic, microsomal, and two mitochondrial GrpE-like proteins, the co-chaperones of specific Hsp70 membersNaylor, D. J.; Stines, A. P.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1996Characterisation of the 90kDa heat shock protein (HSP90)-associated ATP/GTPaseNardai, G.; Schnaider, T.; Soti, C.; Ryan, Michael T.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Somogyi, J.; Csermely, P.
1995Reflections on the educational requirements of the grapegrowing and winemaking industry in the 21st centuryHoj, Peter Bordier
1997Education in an informed environment with input from industryHoj, Peter Bordier
1996A guided tour through the world of chaperoninsHoj, Peter Bordier
1995Stereochemical course of glucan hydrolysis by barley (1 → 3)- and (1 → 3,1 → 4)-β-glucanasesChen, Lin; Sadek, Maruse; Stone, Bruce A.; Brownlee, Robert T. C.; Fincher, Geoffrey B.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1996Selective induction of mitochondrial chaperones in response to loss of the mitochondrial genomeMartinus, Ryan D.; Garth, Graeme P.; Webster, Tracie L.; Cartwright, Petyer; Naylor, Dean J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.
1999UDP-Glucose:p-Hydroxymandelonitrile-O-Glucosyltransferase which catalyses the last step in synthesis of the cyaonogenic glucoside Dhurrin in Sorghum bicolor: Isolation, cloning, heterologous expression and substrate specificity.Jones, P. R.; Moller, Birger Lindberg; Hoj, Peter Bordier