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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Synthesis and two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of mixed populations of circular and linear RNAsFeldstein, Paul A.; Levy, Laurene; Randles, John Wesley; Owens, Robert A.
1997Early season survey of pea viruses in Pakistan and the detection of two new pathotypes of pea seedborne mosaic potyvirusAli, Akhtar; Randles, John Wesley
1998A proposed scheme for viroid classification and nomenclatureFlores, Ricardo; Randles, John Wesley; Bar-Joseph, M.; Diener, T. O.
1996The rapid and sensitive detection of plant pathogens by molecular methodsRandles, John Wesley; Hodgson, R. A. J.; Wefels, E.
1997The sense and antisense coat protein gene of alfalfa mosaic virus strain N20 confers protection in transgenic tobacco plantsJayasena, K. W.; Ingham, B. J.; Hajimorad, M. R.; Randles, John Wesley
1997Microgranular cellulose improves dsRNA recovery from plant nucleic acid extractChoi, Y. G.; Randles, John Wesley
1995Mixed subunit capsids can be assembled in vitro with coat protein subunits from two cucumovirusesChen, Bao-Dong; Randles, John Wesley; Francki, R. I. B.
1998Sensitive detection of pea seed-borne mosaic potyvirus by dot blot and tissue print hybridisation assaysAli, Akhtar; Randles, John Wesley; Hodgson, R. A. J.
1998The effects of two pathotypes of pea seed-borne mosaic virus on the morphology and yield of peaAli, Akhtar; Randles, John Wesley
1998Specific identification of coconut tinangaja viroid for differential field diagnosis of viroids in coconut palmHodgson, R. A. J.; Wall, G. C.; Randles, John Wesley