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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996On the fungal DNA trailLiu, Don; Van Heeswijck, Robyn; Coloe, Sue; Pedersen, John; Baird, Rob
1996Effects of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide on tomato cultivar 'Bermuda' fruit physiology and compositionKlieber, Andreas; Ratanachinakorn, B.; Simons, D. H.
1996Chemical and environmental manipulation of ornamental Acacia Mill. species for pot plant productionParletta, M. A.; Sedgley, Margaret
1996Vetches: feed or food?Tate, Max E.
1996Effect of nitrogen and potassium on the yield and quality of irrigated Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea L. var. gemmifera) cvv. Roger and Oliver grown in South AustraliaWilliams, C. M. J.; Maier, N. A.; Potter, M. J.; Collins, G. G.
1996Shell structure and embryo development of Pistacia vera L. and P. atlantica Desf. (Anacardiaceae) following intra- and interspecific pollinationShuraki, Y. D.; Sedgley, Margaret
1996Seed development and abortion in Vitis vinifera cv. ChardonnayEbadi, Ali; Sedgley, Margaret; May, P.; Coombe, B. G.
1996Multiple Mechanisms and Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Lolium rigidumPreston, Christopher A.; Tardif, F. J.; Powles, S. B.
1996Manganese-oxidizing ability of isolates of the take-all fungus is correlated with virulencePedler, Judith F.; Webb, Michael J.; Buchhorn, S. C.; Graham, Robin David
1996Streptococcus caprinus is ineffective as a rumen inoculum to improve digestion of mulga (Acacia anevia) by sheepMiller, S.; Brooker, John Douglas; Phillips, A.; Blackall, Linda L.