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1997A small scale method for the production of soymilk and silken tofuEvans, David Evan; Tsukamoto, C.; Nielsen, N. C.
1999AFLP fingerprinting for analysis of yeast genetic variationde Barros Lopes, Miguel; Rainieri, Sandra; Henschke, Paul A.; Langridge, Peter
1995Xylem anatomy and hydraulic architecture of roots of field-grown grapevines (Vitus vinifera L. cv Shiraz) under two systems of irrigation managementMapfumo, Emmanuel; Aspinall, Don; Hancock, Trevor William
1999Transmission of viroids via grape seedsWan Chow Wah, Y. F.; Symons, R. H.
1998Ilarviruses encode a cucumovirus-like 2b gene that is absent in other genera within the BromoviridaeXin, Hong-Wu; Ji, Liang-Hui; Scott, Simon W.; Symons, Robert H.; Ding, Shou-Wei
1998Pilot scale evaluation of mash filter performance of malts with variable qualityEvans, David Evan; Stenholm, K.; Vilpola, A.; Hughes, G.; Home, S.
1997A high sensitivity RT-PCR assay for the diagnosis of viroids in grapevines in the field and in tissue cultureWah, Yan Fong Wan Chow; Symons, R. H.
1998Isolation of lambda and YAC clones from defined regions of the rye genomeLangridge, Peter; Guo, R. Q.; Franki, M.; Langridge, U.
1996Genotypic variation in zinc efficiency and resistance to crown rot disease (Fusarium graminearum Schw. Group 1) in wheatGrewal, Harsharn Singh; Graham, Robin David; Rengel, Zdenko
1999The relationship between the rate of starch synthesis, the adenosine 5' -diphosphoglucose concentration and the amylose content of starch in developing pea embryosClarke, Belinda R.; Denyer, Kay; Jenner, Colin F.; Smith, Alison M.