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1995The effect of amino acids at oviductal concentrations on the development of ovine embryos in a defined mediumWalker, S.; Hill, J.; Kleeman, D.; Nancarrow, C.
1998Expression of a wool intermediate filament keratin transgene in sheep fibre alters structureBawden, C.; Powell, B.; Walker, S.; Rogers, G.
1999Breath analysis - a key to understanding intestinal functionTivey, D.; Butler, R.
1995Genetic testing comes of ageBottema, C.
1996STS-PCR markers appropriate for wheat-barley introgressionBlake, T.; Kadyrzhanova, D.; Shepherd, K.; Islam, A.; Langridge, P.; McDonald, C.; Erpelding, J.; Larson, S.; Blake, N.; Talbert, L.
1996The Yd2 gene for barley yellow dwarf virus resistance maps close to the centromere on the long arm of barley chromosome 3Collins, N.; Paltridge, N.; Ford, C.; Symons, R.
1998Genetic diversity in Australian wheat varieties and breeding material based on RFLP dataPaull, J.; Chalmers, K.; Karakousis, A.; Kretschmer, J.; Manning, S.; Langridge, P.
1998A molecular genetic map of the long arm of chromosome 6R of rye incorporating the cereal cyst nematode resistance gene, CreRTaylor, C.; Shepherd, K.; Langridge, P.
1998Mapping loci associated with flour colour in wheat (Triticum aestivum L)Parker, G.; Chalmers, K.; Rathjen, A.; Langridge, P.
1997RFLP mapping of the Ha2 cereal cyst nematode resistance gene in barleyKretschmer, J.; Chalmers, K.; Manning, S.; Karakousis, A.; Barr, A.; Islam, A.; Logue, S.; Choe, Y.; Barker, S.; Lance, R.; Langridge, P.