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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Molecular evolution of plant β-glucan endohydrolasesHoj, Peter Bordier; Fincher, Geoffrey B.
1995Affinity purification, overexpression, and characterization of chaperonin 10 homologues synthesized with and without N-terminal acetylationRyan, Michael T.; Naylor, Dean J.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Affinity-purification and identification of GrpE homologues from mammalian mitochondriaNaylor, D. J.; Ryan, Michael T.; Condron, R.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Reflections on the educational requirements of the grapegrowing and winemaking industry in the 21st centuryHoj, Peter Bordier
1995Stereochemical course of glucan hydrolysis by barley (1 → 3)- and (1 → 3,1 → 4)-β-glucanasesChen, Lin; Sadek, Maruse; Stone, Bruce A.; Brownlee, Robert T. C.; Fincher, Geoffrey B.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Solution structure of the acetylated and noncleavable mitochondrial targeting signal of rat chaperonin 19Jarvis, Jackie A.; Ryan, Michael T.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Craik, David J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Purification and characterization of ornithine acetyltransferase from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLiu, Yun; Van Heeswijck, Robyn; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Hoogenraad, N.
1995A tedtrad of ionizable amino acids is important for catalysis in barley β-glucanasesChen, Lin; Garrett, Thomas P. J.; Fincher, Geoffrey B.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995In vivo growth of a murine lymphoma cell line alters regulation of expression of Hsp72Davidson, Sean; Hoj, Peter Bordier; Gabriele, Tim; Anderson, Robin L.