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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A new genus and species of pigeon (Aves: Columbidae) from Henderson Island, Pitcairn GroupWorthy, Trevor Henry; Wragg, Graham M.
2008A reassessment of the fossil goose Anser scaldii Lambrecht, 1933 (Aves: Anatidae)Worthy, Trevor Henry; Olson, Storrs L.; Smith Thierry
2008The late quaternary avifaunaHoldaway, Richard N.; Worthy, Trevor Henry
2008A new species of the diving duck Manuherikia and evidence for geese (Aves : Anatidae : Anserinae) in the St Bathans Fauna (Early Miocene), New ZealandWorthy, Trevor Henry; Tennyson, Alan J. D.; Hand, Suzanne J.; Scofield, Richard Paul
2004Neotenous origins for pelagic octopusesStrugnell, J.; Norman, M.; Drummond, A.; Cooper, A.
2004Rise and fall of the Beringian steppe bisonShapiro, B.; Drummond, A.; Rambaut, A.; Wilson, M.; Matheus, P.; Sher, A.; Pybus, O.; Gilbert, M.; Barnes, I.; Binladen, J.; Willerslev, E.; Hansen, A.; Baryshnikov, G.; Burns, J.; Davydov, S.; Driver, J.; Froese, D.; Harington, C.; Keddie, G.; Kosintsev, P.; et al.
2006A new species of extinct imperial pigeon (Ducula: Columbidae) from Henderson Island, Pitcairn GroupWragg, Graham M.; Worthy, Trevor Henry
2006Evolution of New Zealand and its vertebratesHoldaway, Richard N.; Worthy, Trevor Henry
2008A deposition mechanism for Holocene miring bone deposits, South Island, New ZealandWood, J.; Worthy, T.; Rawlence, N.; Jones, S.; Read, S.
2008Pliocene waterfowl (Aves : Anseriformes) from South Australia and a new genus and speciesWorthy, Trevor Henry