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2013Which provenance and where? Seed sourcing strategies for revegetation in a changing environmentBreed, M.; Stead, M.; Ottewell, K.; Gardner, M.; Lowe, A.
2005White Dam Au-Cu Prospect, Curnamona Province, South AustraliaBrown, Aaron David; Hill, Steven Matthew
2003White Dam – detailed regolith-landform mapping as a tool for refining the interpretation of surface geochemical resultsBrown, A.; Hill, S.
2006Who is responsible for the quality of planting material in Australian vineyards? Looking to the futureGallopin, Federico; Lewis, Megan Mary
2010Whole-body heat exposure induces membrane changes in spermatozoa from the cauda epididymidis of laboratory miceWechalekar, H.; Setchell, B.; Peirce, E.; Ricci, M.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
2013A whole-cell biosensor for the detection of goldZammit, C.; Quaranta, D.; Gibson, S.; Zaitouna, A.; Ta, C.; Brugger, J.; Lai, R.; Grass, G.; Reith, F.
2012Why continuous simulation? The role of antecedent moisture in design flood estimationPathiraja, S.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.
2004Why fluid fertilisers are highly effective in calcareous soilsMcLaughlin, M.; Holloway, R.; Armstrong, R.; Lombi, E.; Stacey, S.; Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference (Couran Cove, Qld.) (02 Aug 2004 : Couran Cove, Qld.)
2006Why we think fluid trace elements are more effective than granular trace elementsHettiarachchi, Ganga Mali; McLaughlin, Michael John; Scheckel, Kirk; Chittleborough, David James; Newville, Mathew
2013Widespread horizontal transfer of retrotransposonsWalsh, A.; Kortschak, R.; Gardner, M.; Bertozzi, T.; Adelson, D.
2011Widespread pyrethroid resistance in Australian diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.), is related to multiple mutations in the para sodium channel geneEndersby, N.; Viduka, K.; Baxter, S.; Saw, J.; Heckel, D.; McKechnie, S.
2016The wildlife pet trade as a driver of introduction and establishment in alien birds in TaiwanSu, S.; Cassey, P.; Blackburn, T.
2005Wilsons Promontory, VictoriaHill, Steven Matthew
2012Wind farm noise - what is a reasonable limit in rural areas?Hansen, K.; Henrys, N.; Hansen, C.; Doolan, C.; Moreau, D.; Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society (2012 : Fremantle, Western Australia)
2011Wind turbine noise mechanisms and some concepts for its controlDoolan, C.; Moreau, D.; Brooks, L.
2003Windows and missed opportunitiesPaton, D.
2009Wine industry residuesJin, B.; Kelly, J.
2012The Wisdom of the Crowd in Combinatorial ProblemsYi, S.; Steyvers, M.; Lee, M.; Dry, M.
2008Within-field variability of wheat yield and economic implications for spatially variable nutrient managementRobertson, M.; Lyle, G.; Bowden, J.
1989Women in environmental sciences: an investigation of increased female participation in environmental education and careersLewis, M.; Schaffer, K.