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2009Earliest orchid macrofossils: Early Miocene Dendrobium and Earina (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) from New ZealandConran, J.; Bannister, J.; Lee, D.
2008Early Cambrian Arthropods from the Emu Bay Shale Lagerst├Ątte, South AustraliaPaterson, J.; Jago, J.; Gehling, J.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Edgecombe, G.; Lee, M.; International Trilobite Conference (4th : 2008 : Toledo, Spain)
2009Early Eocene Ripogonum (Liliales: Ripogonaceae) leaf macrofossils from southern AustraliaConran, J.; Carpenter, R.; Jordan, G.
2020Early Last Interglacial ocean warming drove substantial ice mass loss from AntarcticaTurney, C.; Fogwill, C.; Golledge, N.; McKay, N.; van Sebille, E.; Jones, R.; Etheridge, D.; Rubino, M.; Thornton, D.; Davies, S.; Ramsey, C.; Thomas, Z.; Bird, M.; Munksgaard, N.; Kohno, M.; Woodward, J.; Winter, K.; Weyrich, L.; Rootes, C.; Millman, H.; et al.
2001Earth's magnetic field: ocean current contributions to vertical profiles in deep oceansLilley, F.; White, A.; Heinson, G.
2010East-west genetic differentiation in Musk Ducks (Biziura lobata) of Australia suggests late Pleistocene divergence at the Nullarbor PlainGuay, P.; Chesser, R.; Mulder, R.; Afton, A.; Paton, D.; McCracken, K.
2015Ecological and economic benefits to cattle rangelands of restoring an apex predatorProwse, T.; Johnson, C.; Cassey, P.; Bradshaw, C.; Brook, B.
2003Ecological applications of adaptive agentsRecknagel, F.
2008Ecological dominance of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, in its native rangeCalcaterra, Luis A.; Livore, Juan Pablo; Delgado, Alicia; Briano, Juan A.
2009Ecological informatics by means of neural, evolutionary and object-oriented computationRecknagel, F.; Cao, H.
2009Ecological informatics: current scope and feature areasRecknagel, F.
2009Ecological informatics: Current scope and future directionsRecknagel, F.; International ICSC Symposium (4th : 2009 : Thessaloniki, Greece)
2008Ecological informatics: overviewRecknagel, F.
2006Ecological Informatics: Scope, techniques and applicationsRecknagel, F.
2003Ecological Informatics: Understanding ecology by biologically-inspired computationRecknagel, F.
2017Ecological performance of construction materials subject to ocean climate changeDavis, K.; Coleman, M.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.; Gillanders, B.; Kelaher, B.
2013Ecological relationships, thresholds and time-lags determining phytoplankton community dynamics of Lake Kinneret, Israel elucidated by evolutionary computation and waveletsRecknagel, F.; Ostrovsky, I.; Cao, H.; Zohary, T.; Zhang, X.
2019Ecological role of an apex predator revealed by a reintroduction experiment and Bayesian statisticsMoseby, K.; Crowther, M.; Letnic, M.
2013Ecologically realistic estimates of maximum population growth using informed Bayesian priorsDelean, J.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2011Ecology and management of Sheoak (Casuarina spp.), an invader of coastal Florida, U.S.A.Wheeler, Gregory S.; Taylor, Gary Stewart; Gaskin, J. F.; Purcell, Matthew Francis