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2007Macromolecular assembly controlled by inclusion associations of α-,β- or γ-cyclodextrinGuo, X.; Li, L.; Fu, L.; Prud'homme, R.; Lincoln, S.
2007A magnetic circuit model for an IPMS synchronous machine incorporating moving airgap and cross-coupled saturation effectsHan, S.; Jahns, T.; Soong, W.; International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (2007 : Antalya, Turkey)
2000Magnetic signals generated by the movement of seawater: currents and swellsLilley, F.; White, A.; Heinson, G.; The 4th Australian Geomagnetism Workshop (26 Apr 2000 : Canberra, Australia)
2009Magnetotelluric constraints on subduction polarity: Reversing reconstruction models for Proterozoic AustraliaSelway, K.; Hand, M.; Heinson, G.; Payne, J.
2006Magnetotelluric evidence for a deep-crustal mineralizing system beneath the Olympic Dam iron oxide copper-gold deposit, southern AustraliaHeinson, G.; Direen, N.; Gill, R.
2012Magnetotelluric monitoring of a fluid injection: example from an enhanced geothermal systemPeacock, J.; Thiel, S.; Reid, P.; Heinson, G.
2009Making the most of modelling: A decision framework for the water industryBlackmore, J.; Dandy, G.; Kuczera, G.; Rahman, J.; World IMACS and MODSIM09 International Congress (18th : 2009 : Cairns, Qld)
2009Malalophus jensenae n. g., n. sp. (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) from the gills of Aetomylaeus vespertilio (Myliobatidae) off northern AustraliaChisholm, L.; Whittington, I.
2012Malva weinmanniana (Besser ex Rchb.) Conran, a new name for the pink-flowered form of M. preissiana Schltdl. (Malvaceae)Conran, J.; Barker, R.; Rippey, E.
2012Man and megafauna in Tasmania: closing the gapGillespie, R.; Camens, A.; Worthy, T.; Rawlence, N.; Reid, C.; Bertuch, F.; Levchenko, V.; Cooper, A.
2012Managed relocation as an adaptation strategy for mitigating climate change threats to the persistence of an endangered lizardFordham, D.; Watts, M.; Delean, J.; Brook, B.; Heard, L.; Bull, C.
2004Management effects on biological cycling of phosphorus in Southern AustraliaBuenemann, E.; Marschner, P.; McNeill, A.; McLaughlin, M.; Australian New Zealand Soils Conference (3rd : 2004 : University of Sydney)
2001Management effects on cadmium accumulation by peanut and soybeanBell, M.; McLaughlin, M.; Barry, G.; Halpin, N.; Cozens, G.; Australian Agronomy Conference (10th : 2001 : Hobart, Tas.)
2010Management Option Rank Equivalence (MORE) - A new method of sensitivity analysis for decision-makingRavalico, J.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2001Managing an influenza pandemic in Australia using a spatial decisions support systemBryan, Brett Anthony; Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association Conference (2001 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2002Managing bird populationsPaton, David Cleland
1997Managing cadmium contamination of agricultural landTiller, K.; Oliver, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Merry, R.; Naidu, R.
2001Managing cadmium in summer grain legumes for premium quality produceBell, Mike; Barry, Glenn A.; McLaughlin, Michael John
2005Managing low genetic diversity in Acanthocladium dockeriJusaitis, M.; Adams, M.
2006Managing risks to soil and plant health from key metals and metalloids in irrigation watersStevens, D.; McLaughlin, M.