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1998N,N'-Bis(6A-deoxy-b-cyclodextrin-6A-yl)urea as a molecular template in the formation of indigoid dyesEaston, C.; Harper, J.; Lincoln, S.
2008Nanomaterials in the environment: behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effectsKlaine, S.; Alvarez, P.; Batley, G.; Fernandes, T.; Handy, R.; Lyon, D.; Mahendra, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Lead, J.
2010Nanoparticle factories: Biofilms hold the key to gold dispersion and nugget formationReith, F.; Fairbrother, L.; Nolze, G.; Wilhelmi, O.; Clode, P.; Gregg, A.; Parsons, J.; Wakelin, S.; Pring, A.; Hough, R.; Southam, G.; Brugger, J.
2007The national airborne field experiment data setsThyer, M.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (17th : 2007 : Christchurch, New Zealand)
2005National Biosolids Research ProgramWarne, Michael St John; McLaughlin, Michael John
2006A national food cadmium database and development of a national cadmium budget for AustraliaMcLaughlin, M.; Brent, P.; Drew, N.; Klim, E.; Warne, M.; Milham, P.; Rayment, G.; Shelley, B.; Sparrow, L.; National Cadmium Management Committee Workshop
2003The national research program for beneficial reuse of biosolidsMcLaughlin, M.
1996Native bees, wasps and ants: diversity and impact on other organismsJennings, J.; Austin, A.
2007Native mice and ratsBreed, W.; Ford, F.
2018A native parasitic plant affects the performance of an introduced host regardless of environmental variation across field sitesCirocco, R.; Facelli, J.; Watling, J.
2006Natural Attenuation of Trace Element Availability in SoilsHamon, R.; McLaughlin, M.; Lombi, E.
2006Natural attenuation: implications for trace metal/metalloid nutritionHamon, R.; Stacey, S.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Natural chemical markers identify source and date of introduction of an exotic species: lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in Yellowstone LakeMunro, Andrew Roy; McMahon, Thomas E.; Ruzycki, James R.
2012Natural fracture networks enhancing geothermal producibility, mapping or predicting!Abul Khair, H.; Cooke, D.; Hand, M.; Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (5th : 2012 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Natural history of Gulf of St VincentShepherd, S.; Bryars, S.; Kirkegaard, I.; Jennings, J.; Harbison, P.
2009Natural history of the riverland and murraylandsJennings, J.
2012Natural Materials for Sustainable Water Pollution ManagementYongabi, K.; Lewis, D.; Harris, P.
2017Naturally existing isoforms of miR-222 have distinct functionsYu, F.; Pillman, K.; Neilsen, C.; Toubia, J.; Lawrence, D.; Tsykin, A.; Gantier, M.; Callen, D.; Goodall, G.; Bracken, C.
2011Nature of halide binding to the molybdenum site of sulfite oxidasePushie, M.; Doonan, C.; Wilson, H.; Rajagopalan, K.; George, G.
1998Nature of intensity and phase modulations in stimulated Brillouin scatteringAfshar Vahid, S.; Devrelis, V.; Munch, J.