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2010OAS1 polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to West Nile encephalitis in horsesRios, J.; Fleming, J.; Bryant, U.; Carter, C.; Huber, J.; Long, M.; Spencer, T.; Adelson, D.
2013Object detection and tracking with active camera on motion vectors of feature points and particle filterChen, Y.; Zhang, R.; Shang, L.; Hu, E.
2018Objective regolith-landform mapping in a regolith dominated terrain to inform mineral explorationCaruso, A.; Clarke, K.; Tiddy, C.; Delean, S.; Lewis, M.
2009Observation of a kilogram-scale oscillator near its quantum ground stateAbbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Adhikari, R.; Ajith, P.; Allen, B.; Allen, G.; Amin, R.; Anderson, S.; Anderson, W.; Arain, M.; Araya, M.; Armandula, H.; Armor, P.; Aso, Y.; Aston, S.; Aufmuth, P.; Aulbert, C.; Babak, S.; Ballmer, S.; Bantilan, H.; et al.
2009Observation of optical torsional stiffness in a high optical power cavityFan, Y.; Merrill, L.; Zhao, C.; Ju, L.; Blair, D.; Slagmolen, B.; Hosken, D.; Brooks, A.; Veitch, P.; Mudge, D.; Munch, J.
2008Observation of three-mode parametric interactions in long optical cavitiesZhao, C.; Ju, L.; Fan, Y.; Gras, S.; Slagmolen, B.; Miao, H.; Barriga, P.; Blair, D.; Hosken, D.; Brooks, A.; Veitch, P.; Mudge, D.; Munch, J.
2001Observations on the development and parasitoids of Fergusonina/Fergusobia galls on Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae) in AustraliaDavies, K.; Makinson, J.; Purcell, M.
2009Observations, data accuracy and toolsStevens, M.
2010Observed relationships between extreme sub-daily precipitation, surface temperature, and relative humidityJones, R.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.
2006Occupational blood and body fluid exposure in an Australian teaching hospitalBi, P.; Tully, P.; Pearce, S.; Hiller, J.
2010Occurrence and environmental significance of sideronatrite and other mineral precipitates in Acid Sulfate SoilsFitzpatrick, R.; Shand, P.; Raven, M.; McClure, S.; World Congress of Soil Science (19th : 2010 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2005Occurrence of aquatic invertebrates of the wheatbelt region of Western Australia in relation to salinityPinder, A.; Halse, S.; McRae, J.; Shiel, R.
2013The occurrence of inland acid sulphate soils in the floodplain wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia, identified using a simplified incubation methodCreeper, N.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Shand, P.
2012Occurrence, genesis and environmental significance of schwertmannite in re-flooded acid sulfate soils in the Lower Murray reclaimed irrigation areaFitzpatrick, R.; Raven, M.; Self, P.; Shand, P.; Mosley, L.; Simpson, S.; Baker, A.; Combined Australian Regolith Geoscientists Association and Australian Clay Minerals Conference (2012 : Mildura)
2016Ocean acidification alters fish-jellyfish symbiosisNagelkerken, I.; Pitt, K.; Rutte, M.; Geertsma, R.
2013Ocean acidification and rising temperatures may increase biofilm primary productivity but decrease grazer consumptionRussell, B.; Connell, S.; Findlay, H.; Tait, K.; Widdicombe, S.; Mieszkowska, N.
2016Ocean acidification: linking science to management solutions using the Great Barrier Reef as a case studyAlbright, R.; Anthony, K.; Baird, M.; Beeden, R.; Byrne, M.; Collier, C.; Dove, S.; Fabricius, K.; Hoegh-Guldberg, O.; Kelly, R.; Lough, J.; Mongin, M.; Munday, P.; Pears, R.; Russell, B.; Tilbrook, B.; Abal, E.
2012Ocean-scale prediction of whale shark distributionMartins Sequeira, A.; Mellin, C.; Rowat, D.; Meekan, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2010'Of droughts and flooding rains': an alluvial loess record from central South Australia spanning the last glacial cycleHaberlah, D.; Glasby, P.; Williams, M.; Hill, S.; Williams, F.; Rhodes, E.; Gostin, V.; O' Flaherty, A.; Jacobsen, G.
2011Of mice and 'convicts': Origin of the Australian house mouse, Mus musculusGabriel, S.; Stevens, M.; da Luz Mathias, M.; Searle, J.