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2013Zeatylenchus pittosporum gen. n., sp n. (Tylenchida: Anguinata), from leaves of Pittosporum tenuifolium (Pittosporaceae) in New ZealandZhao, Z.; Davies, K.; Alexander, B.; Riley, I.
2006Zero-stiffness magnetic springs for active vibration isolationRobertson, W.; Wood, R.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; International Symposium on Active Noise and Vibration Control (6th : 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2017Zinc stress induces copper depletion in Acinetobacter baumanniiHassan, K.; Pederick, V.; Elbourne, L.; Paulsen, I.; Paton, J.; McDevitt, C.; Eijkelkamp, B.
2000Zinquin Ester - A reagent for the investigation of the role of available Zn(II) in living systemsWard, A.; Lincoln, S.; Betts, W.; Zalewski, P.; Forbes, I.; Mahadevan, I.; Kimber, M.; Hendrickson, K.
2006The zona pellucida of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus): its morphogenesis and thicknessChapman, J.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
2006Zooplankton diversity and assemblages in arid zone rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin, AustraliaShiel, R.; Costelloe, J.; Reid, J.; Hudson, P.; Powling, J.
2016Zooplankton in the Murray estuary and Coorong during flow and no-flow periodsGeddes, M.; Shiel, R.; Francis, J.
2005The α-globin gene family of an Australian marsupial, Macropus eugenii: The long evolutionary history of the θ-globin gene and its functional status in mammalsCooper, S.; Wheeler, D.; Hope, R.; Dolman, G.; Saint, K.; Gooley, A.; Holland, R.
2003Λ-{1,4,7,10-Tetrakis­[(S)-2-hydroxy­propyl-κO]-1,4,7,10-tetra­aza­cyclo­do­decane-κ4N}cadmium(II) bis(2,4,6-tri­nitro­phenolate) aceto­nitrile solvateSmith, C.; Lincoln, S.; Taylor, M.; Wainwright, K.