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dc.description.abstractTotem boards and magic stones – their significance Secret and sacred objects were kept by the elders to frighten male youths and all females into keeping strictly all the laws relating to marriage and food supply. Most boards represented the principal meat or other food of the group. Bull roarers and other items were kept and gradually made magic by their owners as their degrees of initiation progressed. Many of these objects were given to Daisy Bates for safekeeping as the elders died. Some were found by thieves and taken from their hiding places, after which they were bartered or sold, but they still retained the spirit totem of the animal or plant to which they belong.en
dc.format.extent5 p.en
dc.subject.otherTotems, totemism, Bull roaring, Boundary Dam, Kimberley, Munjinjawongaen
dc.titleSection V, 7 - Totem Board and Magic Stones - their significance.en
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