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2024Practical assessment of the energy density of potassium-ion batteriesSun, L.; Li, G.; Zhang, S.; Liu, S.; Yuwono, J.; Mao, J.; Guo, Z.
2024Dynamic configurations of metallic atoms in the liquid state for selective propylene synthesisTang, J.; Christofferson, A.J.; Sun, J.; Zhai, Q.; Kumar, P.V.; Yuwono, J.A.; Tajik, M.; Meftahi, N.; Tang, J.; Dai, L.; Mao, G.; Russo, S.P.; Kaner, R.B.; Rahim, M.A.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K.
2024Developing Cathode Materials for Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries: Challenges and Practical ProspectsLi, G.; Sun, L.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, C.; Jin, H.; Davey, K.; Liang, G.; Liu, S.; Mao, J.; Guo, Z.
2024ESRP1 controls biogenesis and function of a large abundant multiexon circRNALiu, D.; Dredge, B.K.; Bert, A.G.; Pillman, K.A.; Toubia, J.; Guo, W.; Dyakov, B.J.A.; Migault, M.M.; Conn, V.M.; Conn, S.J.; Gregory, P.A.; Gingras, A.-C.; Patel, D.; Wu, B.; Goodall, G.J.
2024The Many Forms of Co-kriging: A Diversity of Multivariate Spatial EstimatorsDowd, P.A.; Pardo-Igúzquiza, E.
2024Tailoring the CO and H Coverage for Selective CO₂ Electroreduction to CH₄ or C₂H₄Chen, Y.; Lyu, N.; Zhang, J.; Yan, S.; Peng, C.; Yang, C.; Lv, X.; Hu, C.; Kuang, M.; Zheng, G.
2023Boosting Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction through Water Structure ManipulationJiao, Y.; Zheng, Y.
2023Alginate-based materials for enzyme encapsulationWeng, Y.; Yang, G.; Li, Y.; Xu, L.; Chen, X.; Song, H.; Zhao, C.-X.
2023High-performance photocatalytic peroxymonosulfate activation by carbon quantum dots via precise surface chemistry regulation: Insight into the structure-function relations.Han, W.; Li, D.; Kong, Y.; Liu, W.; Qin, W.; Wang, S.; Duan, X.
2023Macroporous Carbon-Nitride-Supported Transition-Metal Single-Atom Catalysts for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production from Ammonia SplittingLin, J.; Wang, Y.; Tian, W.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2023Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Solid Carbon: Development, Challenges, and PerspectivesHan, X.; Ostrikov, K.K.; Chen, J.; Zheng, Y.; Xu, X.
2023Pressurised combustion in hot and low-oxygen environments: Chemiluminescence imaging and modellingProud, D.B.; Evans, M.J.; Kildare, J.A.; Chan, Q.N.; Medwell, P.R.
2023Manipulating the Solvation Structure and Interface via a Bio-Based Green Additive for Highly Stable Zn Metal AnodeWang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Huang, H.; Xie, D.; Sun, J.; Zhao, J.; Rui, Y.; Wang, J.; Yuwono, J.A.; Mao, J.
2023Modulation of MG-63 Osteogenic Response on Mechano-Bactericidal Micronanostructured Titanium Surfaces.Martins de Sousa, K.; Linklater, D.P.; Murdoch, B.J.; Al Kobaisi, M.; Crawford, R.J.; Judge, R.; Dashper, S.; Sloan, A.J.; Losic, D.; Ivanova, E.P.
2023Effect of reaction conditions and biosolids' content on the produced renewable crude oil via hydrothermal liquefactionAl-juboori, J.M.; Obeid, R.; Lewis, D.M.; Hall, T.; van Eyk, P.J.
2023Generation of Tamm Plasmon Resonances for Light Confinement Applications in Narrowband Gradient-Index Filters Based on Nanoporous Anodic AluminaRojas Gómez, A.; Acosta, L.K.; Ferré-Borrull, J.; Santos, A.; Marsal, L.F.
2023Lightweight polyester fabric with elastomeric bismuth titanate composite for high-performing lead-free X-ray shieldingYu, L.; Yap, P.L.; Santos, A.M.C.; Tran, D.N.H.; Losic, D.
2023International Interlaboratory Comparison of Thermogravimetric Analysis of Graphene-Related Two-Dimensional Materials.Yap, P.L.; Farivar, F.; Jämting, Å.K.; Coleman, V.A.; Gnaniah, S.; Mansfield, E.; Pu, C.; Landi, S.M.; David, M.V.; Flahaut, E.; Aizane, M.; Barnes, M.; Gallerneault, M.; Locatelli, M.D.; Jacquinot, S.; Slough, C.G.; Menzel, J.; Schmölzer, S.; Ren, L.; Pollard, A.J.; et al.
2023Characterisation of chemical properties of the produced organic fractions via hydrothermal liquefaction of biosolids from a wastewater treatment plantAl-juboori, J.M.; Lewis, D.M.; Hall, T.; van Eyk, P.J.
2023Design of Stimuli-Responsive Peptides and ProteinsLi, Y.; Yang, G.; Gerstweiler, L.; Thang, S.H.H.; Zhao, C.-X.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3178